DIY – How to Make: Minimalist Bedroom | Bed | Bedding | Accessories and more

DIY – How to Make: Minimalist Bedroom | Bed | Bedding | Accessories and more

by request: Challenge Accepted!! We were challenged to make a Minimalist Bedroom so here you go!! And this just happens to be the perfect bedroom for Naveen!!


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Mimi J says:

Love your videos Froggy! You're so creative and that makes me want to make my own things too!

Cutie for life says:

You pronounced New Orleans wrong but I love the video 😍😍

Jana AbuZuaiter says:

Can you make Sophie her own room and chole

SourCream Vids says:

I don’t think this counts as minimalistic room

jeannettemarian says:

Can you please make a lol surprise dolls bedroom! !

Chloe Rozell says:

Hey Froggy! Do you think you could make an animal shelter? I would love to see what you come u with! Luv your vids btw!!!

amelia brodziuk says:

wow froggy you are so good at making doll rooms if i tryed this i would fail you are so talented

eden goldman says:

you are amazing! love your diy videoes!!!!!! also, i am giving you a new challenge! make an lps bedroom and other rooms please!

paria gafari says:


Baymax 0408 says:

Froggy! Can you make a Rilakkuma bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!
I think you could put the Rilakkuma sofa chair that you made in the room!
Love you froggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gamer Girls says:

Could you please do a doll sew on patch:)

Kimberly F. Muncy says:

That is too cute

fizul baksh says:

Ur a inspiration

Olivia Baldonado says:

My doll Logan has a simular room, becayse i followed this video, thanks froggy!

David Carey says:

Thank you for making a neaveen roomπŸ€—

julia says:

You're so inspiring β™‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

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