DIY ROOM DECOR! 14 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home for Halloween

DIY ROOM DECOR! 14 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home for Halloween

DIY ROOM DECOR! 14 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home for Halloween

Here are some of the most beautiful DIY projects you can try for Halloween

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valery show says:

Oye porque te copias de ideas en 5 minutos

Smiley Yuu says:

I love Halloween🎃👻🍬🖤🧡😍

Nancy Rosario Hernández Martínez says:

Como hacen q la calavera del min 11:38 brille q silicona utilizan 🙁 yo quiero hacer

Малинкины истории says:

Не берите идеи у других каналов,ведь ваши собственные идеи прикольнее!

Marcela Florez says:

Alguien aquí es colombiano

Gricel Hernandez says:

Do you even do this

Cami Collaguazo Tamayo says:

Son idea de
5minutes crafts


You are a copy of five minute crafts so bad 😡

Maricela Flores medina says:

They are a blatant copy of 5 minute crafts make your own ideas 🙄😒😡


why have you took ideas from 5 minutes craft

minna mäkelä says:

Copid minut crafts😂

i'm a person says:

At the beginning how did they make the fabric stiffener

Maria Chaj says:

I seen this a lot

starco oficial curiosidades sobre star buterfy says:

Olip craft son unos copiones ya que la primera idea se la copiaron a ideas en 5 minutos o 5 minutes crafts

Mahal Hill says:

so scary cute love the ideas you should make slime on halloween at 3am i will suscribe if you do it ps i liked the vid

Cat Jones says:

Better than 5min crafts

Cat Jones says:

Good job u passed the first test

Cat Jones says:

Well at least they don't repeat

Anna Lynn's World says:

omg?! Did 5 minutes craft copying you?!!!!!

Kawaii Gacha Studio says:

This channel copied 5 minute crafts.

roblox play! juega con migo! says:


Voltzlot says:

What was in that hot glue gun?It glows in the dark,can some one say me how is this possieble.Special glue or something

ETN Prince says:

5 min crafts: Hey what did u get on your test
Olip crafts: 85
5 min Crafts: Cheater

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