DIY ROOM DECOR! Recycling projects | Cheap & cute ideas! Organization

DIY ROOM DECOR! Recycling projects | Cheap & cute ideas! Organization

Hi guys!! Today I bring you another DIY room decor video, this time using recycled items that you can find at home like shoeboxes or old jars. A lot of you ask me to do a tutorial about my footrest so I will show you how to make it in this video. So let’s start!

To make a vase out of a jar you will need: a jar, some burlap, lace trim, and ribbon.

Start off by measuring how much burlap you need and cut the excess. Then just place the lace trim over the burlap and then the ribbon and cut out the excess too. Glue down the burlap, lace and ribbon together as I’m doing in the video and finally glue the whole thing to the jar.

I know I’ve done some other jar vases before but I just wanted to show you another design and show you how easy it is. You can of course use your imagination and make your own design because the possibilities are endless.

For the requested footrest you will need: a shoe box, some foam, and any furry fabric you want.

Start of by gluing the foam to the shoebox lid. They should have the same size. Then place the fabric over and cut out any excess. Then glue the fabric to the top part of the lid and the to the sides, starting on the corners, then the center of the sides and finally working your way out to the corners. Using a furry fabric makes this super easy because it hides really well any wrinkles but make sure the fabric is tight. Then cut out the excess fabric and try to separate the hair part, so you cut as less hair as possible. You can watch here what I mean.

Then put the lid on and it’s time to cover the rest of the shoebox. Try to glue the fabric as close to the lid as possible so you can’t see any cardboard while the box is close. Just continue gluing until you cover the whole box. Then just cut out the excess fabric from the bottom.

The last step is optional but I just happened to have some wheels from an old furniture so I decided to attach them to my footrest. I just poke some holes with a pen, then insert the wheels and secure them with some glue on both sides. Instead of the wheels you can also attach some wooden legs if you want. And that’s it! As you see it was really simple and it doubles up as an storage box so it’s perfect for room organization.

The last idea I saw it everywhere on Pinterest and I thought it was very clever. You will need: a cassette case and washi tape.

This idea is really simple because when you open a cassette case it already becomes the perfect phone holder so you just need to decorate it with some washi tape. So just stick the tape and cut out the excess from the sides. I also decorate the bottom part with more tape. And as I didn’t like the colors of my first design I just changed it and place another tape. And that’s it!
I also decorated the back and as you see my phone fits perfectly.

So that was all for today I hope you liked all these little ideas and don’t forget to tweet me a picture if you try any of these because a really enjoy watching all your beautiful creations. Have wonderful week and I talk to you in my next video.

Thanks for watching!

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Alice's Bear Shop says:

We're a Teddy and doll Hospital who also make a few, just a very few tutorials. We've done an entire series on making a rag doll from your child's recycled clothes. We're very 'People and Planet before profit' Please take a look and tell us what you think. Thank you from Team Teddy xxx

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