How to Make a Bed Frame with Free Queen Size Bed Frame Plans

How to Make a Bed Frame with Free Queen Size Bed Frame Plans

Learn how to make a Bed Frame with DIY Pete’s video tutorial and bed frame plans. In this video I build a Queen size bed frame. You can easily modify the bed frame for any sized bed. I used Minwax Semi Gloss Polyurethane to finish and seal the wood.
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Octavio Garcia says:

Hey man, pretty nice job, watch this video make me start do mine!!

Kevin Osborne says:

Great video Pete! I'm making a slightly modified version now, and would prefer to finish with something other than a polyurethane. I'm thinking about using Old Masters Tung Oil Varnish. Do you have any experience with this product? I'm curious if an oil finish provides any protection against fading in sunlight which I know cedar has a tendency to do. Thanks!

Tatanya Jackson says:

That's nice!

Haoran Yu says:

thanks, pete, I made chairs by your instruction, they are so sturdy and nice.

think again ! Varela says:

can you give me an idea to build a heavy duty bed frame for a declinable, reclynable california king? very nice bed by the way!

Martin Lienert says:

Good job Mate! I like your bed!

Jo L says:

I am currently making this bed for my guest room (thanks for the plans). Do you have any plans for night tables of similar style?

DeAngelo Hunter says:

nice! do you sell these? if so, for how much?

5280 Street Dogs says:

I've used regular door hinges for my rail hardware, they're stronger and readily available

Edwin Loarca says:

Terrific, terrific!

A. Cass says:

this was so awesome! We took the plans and used them but extended it to king size and it came out fantastic! Thank you so very much

Bik Bik says:

hey pete . i really like ur plan . i want to make kind size bed . what should be the measurements for it . pls advise thanks

Tommy Urban says:

Amazing I'm from the uk tho and do not have access to all of this equipment but Id live to do this someday

brujis fabulous says:

awesome 🖒

karl bardsley says:

excellent easy to follow,im a carpenter by trade and will be making one soon for my son,I'd like to see you build a shed which is another think I've got to do

Eric Lupercio says:

I wish I had a garage to build this. My family never bought furniture they made everything in the garage. Unfortunately, I live in a different city because I'm going to college and I can barely afford a one bedroom apartment let alone tools and a garage. When I buy a house I'm never buying a single piece of furniture.

amaximo4951 says:

This is a great video. I have been looking for a bed frame and am considering this project. Thank so much for vid and provided information. How hard do you think it would be to change these plans for a king size bed

noureddine gamra says:

Nice job thanks

moises saldivar says:

Excellent work Pete love the design and how you explain the process.

sonia fossey says:

why did you make panels only to hide them internally

Letty Amezcua says:

you didn't leave the size of your cuts

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