Master Bedroom EXTREME MAKEOVER | Blue Honey Design

Master Bedroom EXTREME MAKEOVER | Blue Honey Design

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Sharon G says:

Beautiful and I love the message on the wall excellent job

Teresa Pastrana says:

Hermoso muy lindo todo

Aneta says:

Looks pretty mismatched and DIY’ed 🤷🏻‍♀️

oliviabarajas4815 says:

Awesome!! Great job love it

Cornelia Donithan says:

Thank god its a room thats not all white I really love it…

Brittany Peralta says:

Your bedroom is sooo big. If I had that space I could do wonders!! Thanks for the uploads

Sally Sharp says:

Awesome Job. Thanks For The Upload.

Justi48 Prove says:

Nada q ver, muy mal gusto,cargado para el pequeño espacio

Solennia Kutar says:

This doors need to paint !!!!!👎👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮

Tram Dang says:

Very nice job. Only thing I thinks you should be upgrade the bedding set. It will make your bedroom look warmer and more luxurious. Thanks for sharing.

Veronica Lidström Joannides says:

The music drives you around the bend!!

Gniccky Ben says:

Look like hotel room 3 stars …

ElleSilk says:

Great work! love the style


That room is so dark and depressing 🤮

Soldier16 says:

Still look the same shit…sorry to say.

Random Person says:

Great job. Room looks great. I also love the message. Heart of gratitude. Blessings.

Shelena Gibbons says:

I love the transformation of the room and a great message on the wall

Iliana Bolainez says:

Como se llama dónde compran las de decoración les quedo muy bonito

Laura Esther Ortiz Diaz says:

Cuál fue el costo

Ms GrAce says:

A second sheet on the bed would top it off.

naome kajeru says:

How can I get some one to design for me ma home?

naome kajeru says:

Ilove these home decors In all shapes n designs. Grateful thanks.

Araceli Gonzalez says:

La habitación de mis sueños 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍.Ojalá algún día pueda yo tener una habitación asii.

avatar says:

Wow , beautiful .

Montana Bunny says:

I thought the video would begin with a nice paint color…(before the décor).Not the case.

Arub Khan says:

Oy oy ….Ahmad ki Behan

Marina Gato says:

Eso sí es un contraste precioso de entre colores pinturas cortinas y todo tiene diferentes materiales y todo tiene todo pega en conjunto El color le da espíritu a la habitación

Dauphne McMurry says:

I just found your channel and subscribed.

Dauphne McMurry says:

Wow so beautiful. Love everything. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Cristal Garnica says:

Bien y luego ya no mas videos

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