Modern Clean & Minimal Tech Bedroom Office Tour

Modern Clean & Minimal Tech Bedroom Office Tour

Modern, Clean, & Minimal were the words I had in mind when creating my tech bedroom setup. I wanted a setup that functioned not only as a sleep place, but also as an office, thus I opted to create a bedroom office combination. My love for darker hues led me to use a charcoal paint in this tech bedroom setup. I’ve set out to find not just the best bedroom gadgets, but also functional gadgets that help keep this bedroom minimal. I hope this bedroom tour, and work space tour help inspire you on your next smart home adventure!

Modloft Worth Bed:

Desk Links:
Karlby Counter top:
Alex Drawer Units:
Samsung 840 Pro:
Sound System:
Card Reader:
USB Hub:
Cable Management:
Google Home:
Google Wifi:
Laptop Stand:
Philips Hue Bulbs:
Philips Hue Strips:

My Lut Pack:
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Dayum says:

What is the color of the room is it black or dark grey

Aww bollocks then says:

If you would have painted the window frames, door frames and door white, you would have got the full 10 out of 10 that you deserve, but you still deserve 9 out of 10,
so job well done

Chiara Nolletti says:

Super cool video, bro! 😎

Edok3777 says:

Bruh. Blessings upon blessings. I love!!!

SyatoSlait / Amethyst.- says:


Mostarking Gaming channel says:

first of all that's not your room second of all that's not your voice turd of all your dark skind (i'm blak) and thurd of all that's not your glirl frend

felicia reeves says:

where’d you get that sphere lamp thing ( not the light bulb )

Dessilu Niño Guevarra says:

Every gentleman's dream room. Splendid

Emilio Tudela says:

Your voice remember me to Michael Babaro, the host of The Daily podcast.

Aaron8679 says:

climbing out of that bed tho

Osubuntu says:

Nice setup for sure good job

The Abraham HD says:

What color/shade are the walls? I've been meaning to paint mine this exact mood/feel!


Your parents approved.

M J says:

Where exactly did you put all the led strips?

just behind the bed and on the top of the desk?

Ajay Dhiman says:

Furniture details: Minimal
Brand details: Yes

Jahir Seclen says:

I was wondering what color is your wall? Looks dope!

ElleSilk says:

love the room setup


This video was straight to the point, nice edited and the room is just simply cool and beautiful, love it!

Eric says:

How did you print your pictures??? Any printer suggestions? And where did you get the glass frames? I’m a new photographer and I’m trying to get tips.

Cool Ghast says:


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