Watch How I Transform My Bedroom- DIY Budget Bedroom Makeover-Start to Finish

Watch How I Transform My Bedroom- DIY Budget Bedroom Makeover-Start to Finish

Extreme Transformation Bedroom Makeover

An Easy affordable bedroom on a budget…

Everything I purchased to transform my bedroom were all on sale… I have an expensive taste with a budget mentality so I was very careful and cautious in my decisions regarding the cost of what I purchased….It took me like 6 month to get my room to look the way it did and it’s still in progress. If you have any questions regarding cost, I will do my best to answer it.

Thanks again for watching!!!

Paint Colors:

Solid- Rivet Gray
Stripes- Salty Gray

Mirrored Night stand
5 Drawer Chest ‘Fancee Chest of Drawers ‘(See Ashley Furniture link below)


Mirrored Lamps


Headboard and Footboard


Wall Art


Whiter Comforters
Grey Blanket

Home Goods:

Sunkissd Wall Mirror
White Rug
White flowers in a glass

Best Buy:

Flat Screen TV
Mounting Bracket



Gamer GirlGetIt says:


pawanjit kaur says:

a thing to praise….well done Nd wishes

Karen Walcott says:

You have inspired me to redo my bedroom! This looks so pretty. Can you tell me where you bought the coverlet set? Is it gray or brown? Can you provide the link? Thank you, Karen

Judine Cole says:

No ! She don't need to wash those sheets because they are brand new! Good job girl love it😍😍😍

NurseCoffy says:

Wow ! that wall. Very professional.

Pree The Diamond says:

Are you a designer in the KCMO area?

visionofsexxy says:

**New Subbie*** I love how you decorated your room thank you for sharing the links, so many YouTubers don't and it's​ annoying!

Shina Evans says:

So chic I love it ❣️😍

Isabella Ribeiro says:

Everything looks so beautiful, in love with your channel..

Daisy Cabanas says:

Where did you get your mattress from?

kjc mhc says:

What is the brand of the bed that you have can you tell me please? My bed is not comfortable at all

Keana Shante says:

Love the room! Where'd you get the faux fur pillows from? 😍

Chitown ShaSha says:

What a handy woman! You go girl!! Beautiful.

My Ego says:

Stunning. You're friggin amazing. #goals xo

Bibi Majeed says:

Where did you purchase your beautiful mirrior over your bed. You did such an amazing job in your bedroom. What's so accomplished is that you did it all yourself. Your own sweat. Great job.

PΞ”STΞ£L Π¨Ξ©RLD says:

α’ͺOOKα”• α”•O α—ͺOα‘­E α—·α—©α—·α”•!πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œ

Zama Mwelase says:

Girl you did that πŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ™Š

Johanna Svensson says:

What song is it?:)

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