Weekend Project | Bedroom Floor

Weekend Project | Bedroom Floor

Ivan’s bedroom carpet needed to go! Since moving in our 2 dogs decided to make their mark in here. After 2 cleanings it was clear we needed to replace the flooring! There’s nothing worse to me than walking into a home and being hit with the smell of pet urine! Jorge did a wonderful job and I’m so pleased with the end result! We purchased this flooring from The Home Depot. It doesn’t match perfectly with the rest of the downstairs flooring but it was close enough. Thanks for watching!



Barbara Peterson says:

that is what is in our home; in kitchen and bathroom; PERGO, now I will be speaking with hubby about the gameroom…thanks again Nikki..Your hubby is so skillled.

The Life of Valerie Allison says:

My husband is also handy. It's an awesome ability. Has helped us save alot of money. Looks beautiful…great work Jorge! 😀

Cool Calm and Mom says:

Your husband has a real saw at home. That's awesome! So I assume the floors just snap in. Was this hardwood or laminate? Great color btw

Grace Filled Nest says:

Love how it came out!! Jorge is very handy!

Sara Ream says:

Wow, Jorge is handy!  He made it look easy!

purpleNhappy says:

Your husband seems like a professional. Is that what he does for a living?

Shay says:

Love! Where did you purchase the flooring and what was the cost? What is the square footage of the room? Trying to get ideas for my house! Love your videos!

Casey Houser says:

I wish my husband was handy! I am the handy one. He just supplies the funds hehe

Laurie Hester says:

Beautiful! Would love to see the finished room!!!

MsJmedley says:

My husband is in the process of replacing ours as well. Loving your channel.

Ventouri Pamela says:

Nice flooring♥

Sweet And Simple Home says:

I so want to replace the flooring in my house! The floors you chose are very much like what I want.

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