5 CHEAP and EASY Mods for your FIRST CAR!

5 CHEAP and EASY Mods for your FIRST CAR!

Oreyt boys and girls hope you’re all doing well!

So in today’s video I decided to share with you what I think are 5 cheap and easy mods for your first car!

These don’t have to be only for your first car, anyone can do these to any car, for example the majority of the mods I show you I think I will be doing to every car I own from now on!

I just know that from experience, when you get your first car, if you’re a car guy or gal, you just want to go crazy modifying it to personalize it and make it your own, and 9 times out of 10, money can be quite tight, especially if you are 17 and have just passed!

So I compiled a list of mods that are pretty damn cheap (most expensive mod rocks in at around 30-40 quid, the rest are all around 10 quid!) AND are not going to affect your insurance whatsoever!


A lot of people can be quite wary when it comes to modifying their cars, so if you are seriously in doubt, always give your insurance a ring and just double check with them that you’re all good to do the mod you want. There would be nothing worse than doing a mod, not telling your insurance then needing to make a claim and they void your insurance because of the mod. Plus you could get in serious trouble for it, because you COULD essentially be driving without insurance, and I’m afraid that’s pretty illegal lol.

I would argue that these aesthetic mods are not going to be any danger to your insurance, its only really when you start making performance modifications, in which case you should ALWAYS notify your insurance!


Now that we got that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the video, and find some inspiration to start modifying your car, there’s nothing more satisfying that looking back at your car after a mod and saying, I did that. That’s MY car.

If you enjoyed the video defo leave me a comment + like and let me know, I’d love to hear from you what you plan to do, and if you’re already deep into the modifying life, how about you let me know what your first ever mod was?

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Dániel Kerekes says:

I’m sorry, these are just ricer “mods”

Ethan keenan says:

Iv got a 1.4 hdi 2009 peugeot 207s nice nippy first car its got gti alloys that the last owner put on

Haza94444 T says:

white fiesta black alloys lime green badges 🤤🥰

Evan Swaby says:

Really nice car usually fiestas are boring but u did well. Good job

Deniss Fjodorovs says:

Just got my first car, definitely gonna consider adding some of these mods to my car

Richard Berkis says:

My first car will be a 2005 vw golf mk5 that's been straight piped and has rotiforn 18" wheels

Nathan Chapman says:

These are mods for people who have no mechanical knowledge because calling these mods is a stretch

javier guzman says:

Where are you from I feel like I've seen your car before

nightrvn says:

1. Wind deflectors – ahah yeah first thing I did to my car

Julian Olinsky says:

How cool is this guy? Get's straight to the point. Talks reasonable mods. Doesn't disappoint. I subbed. 10/10

Tyrese Jones says:

Dose your gearbox crunch

Chris Brinkley says:

R23 owl stand for??

zioxei says:

Honestly, all of this looks bad and out of place. I really don't like any of it. For some things maybe it's just the colors that don't work well.

Doomba 0 says:

I disagree with stickers I saw one saying baby on board it’s like we get it you like stickers jeez

Polar says:

Another little mod I’ve found are Tire pens, you can use them to paint parts of your tire white, generally lasts for about a year, and looks like you have very expensive tires. Just adds a little bit of detail, one of my personal favourites.

alexarder202 says:

Link to the top sticker on the rear window?

Harry Bryant says:

subscribed mate, solid guy

Ben Hewitt says:

What's the website called where you get the ford badges from mate ?

All Things Adidas says:

What tint shop did you go to in donny

Gav says:

Spent £25 on black plasti dip spray and glossifier for it and to be fair it’s worth the money and looks nice

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