5 Expensive Car Mods That Are Worth It (Maybe) | No Forced Induction

5 Expensive Car Mods That Are Worth It (Maybe) | No Forced Induction

These mods are no $90 throttle body spacers, if you have deep pockets consider one or more of these mods! (I secretly envy you btw)

For this video, I wanted to stay away from forced induction because EVERYONE within the car community has some knowledge about turbos or superchargers so I went with some lesser known, expensive mods.
I know not all cars can safely undergo all these modifications without EXTENSIVE rework. These were just 5 mods that would easily cost you 1000s over time but hopefully provide you with that much deserved horsepower/torque. Also, depending on your area, prices could range WILDLY so take my pricing lightly.

Songs used:
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Omni Rider says:

Hey guys,
Thank you so much for commenting on this video. Admittedly, there is some incorrect information in bits & pieces throughout the video. I genuinely appreciate all the cordial, professional comments correcting me and/or clarifying some of the information. As well as those who gave me the benefit of the doubt; we are all continually learning.

Notably, I should clarify you DON'T have to drop the engine to install a camshaft; also not all engines have camshafts (take camless piston engines). As for not including other expensive mods like engine swapping, don't sweat it, I'll make a part two eventually? In the meantime, keep those comments coming.

Thank you.

Trevon Beecher says:

You and your brother make great videos I’m a young car enthusiast coming up in the scene and I plan on buying my first car soon and intend on modding it. The car will be either a Lexus IS (2010-2012) or a 2016 charger

Hider David Rodi Cáceres says:

The 4th is boring, the 1st is funny

infamusdragon says:

Nitrous is the best bang for your buck. Period. It's not expensive and very easy to tune.

Dylan Fokkelman says:

Personally I recommend some good tires you can't screw it up and most of the time it's cheap and make a big difference

Marco Torres says:

Just put 5 hour energy in ur tank as ur fuel ⛽️ and wallah it’s faster then a koenigsegg agera

Archer Graham says:

Why am I watching this I don’t even have money for the cheap mods

Rares Copaceanu says:

Camshafts are not hard to replace on any other kind of engine besides a push rod

2AverageNoobs says:

Diablo Sport makes the best stock tunes. Can't change my mind.

RedBlanket24 says:

Is Omni Raider bladed Angels brother because they sound so similar and they do the same types of videos and also Omni Raider has a Camaro and so does bladed Angels brother

Christian Nickels says:

Nitrous huh how about the rebuild kit your gonna buy in about 6 hits
Also not to mention the constat oil changes

RayFire51 says:

Please stay tuned lol

Hahodi d says:

Omg I hate new tuning crap, I miss the times when you could just slam in a new cam, adjust the carb and go. Give me a carbed 460 any day over a new motor.

Spentsole2169 says:

4AGE.exe stoped working

SuperCookieGaming says:

why would you need new fuel injectors after boaring out a block?

JoshJLMG Productions says:

My list:

1 – Carbon fiber panels. Getting good quality carbon fiber items costs quite a lot. Sure, you can find a slapped-together hood for <$1000, but if you want it to last, it's going to be a lot more. Also if you want to paint your car after, the cost goes up. Looking around $3000+.

2 – Full Suspension. I'm talking every single thing. Control arms, watts link, coilovers, sway bar, etc.
Easily $5000+.

3 – Custom drivetrain. Custom transmissions, rebuilt rear-ends, and 1-piece drive shafts add up a lot.
The transmission alone could cost $5000. After that, you'll still need clutches, flywheels, and everything else I named above. Easily the $7500+ range.

4 – Rebuilt engine. I'm not talking about restoring it or buying a remanufactured one. I'm talking about buying aftermarket everything – everything down to the block. Internals, heads, cams, headers, and other accessories can add up anywhere from $5000 – $10,000+. Definitely one of the most expensive mods.

5 – Engine swap. Like the transmission, an engine alone could cost $5000. But then you'll need to buy EVERYTHING. A fitting tranny, drivetrain, radiator, and many other accessories – especially in new cars.
It's an understatement to say $10,000+. Heck, good race-optimized engines can go for $10k alone. Possibly can be the most expensive mod there is.

Doroteo Alvarez says:

I just thought of something. What if I hook up a leaf blower to my engine to give it more oxygen? Would that work? I feel like it might but then again I'm no mechanic.

Jetstream Z says:

You don't need new rods when you bore a block…

Michael Carnahan says:

Supercharge grand Cherokee?

BOOSTED 1327 says:

Why not buy a nitrous refill tank looks like an oxygen tank and put it on the car or truck like road kill did

Richard Gollen says:

I thought nitrous made blue flames come out and that made more power

Siklista TV says:

You sound like bladed angel

Okabe Rintarou says:

You seriously don't need to remove the front bumper and drop the whole engine to change the camshaft. I can only imagine you might need to do that to a car with a push rod engine. Otherwise you just have to go through the same process as a cylinder head job, just remove and replace the cams then get it tuned

Cracker Jack says:

forgot lsd and tires

Commander Zavala says:

Nitrous is overrated. Yes it can be amazing but only if you have a 600+ hp

Southern hunting and shooting channel kinard says:

I hate nitrous my buddy blew the hood off his car .

Corvettegirl 1994 says:

Super chargers..?

Big$MoneyBoss says:

Omni Rider What's the best way to contact you? I would like you to help me build my car like tell me some good upgrades and stuff

iiAzT3Cii says:

Swap your engine with Ls or 2jz. Boom, Instant fun daily driver.

Hunter Ziegelmann says:

instead of nitrous, why not build a high compression engine, i bet parts can ead up costing about the same, but with high compression build (milled heads or block, or new crank/rods/pistons/cam) you dont need to keep spending on refills. i know some engine the after market parts are pricey, but most common engines should be pretty cheap.

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