Building a Supercharged Offroad Miata in 6 Minutes!

Building a Supercharged Offroad Miata in 6 Minutes!

Complete build of the Rally Miata in 6 minutes!

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Gingium says:

This build wouldn't of been possible without you guys! Thank you for all the continued support.

Norman Shaw says:

What did you use for the lift components?

Jesus Martinez says:

Juca ? Eres tú? Jajaja

world leo says:

Are you interested in joint venture in India to do all these projects in India

Владислав Петренко says:

изверги… в рф они редкость ,так еще и дорогая, а они издеваются над ней как над копейками..

Joey Fisher says:

Bro I'm lowkey trynna build so could you hit m up with parts?!

Jules Servin says:

An angle grinder to cut plastic bumpers, a Dremel to cut carpet and an F clamp to stir paint? I do like how it turned out though.

Richard Johnson says:

The car went from being the guy who takes dick in prison to the guy who fucks the other dudes. Either way.. Still kinda gay.

Tiago Neme says:

impressed! 😮

DMC says:

Wuaoo!! Amazing bro!! Congratulation!!! 😎😃👌


Very beautiful project!!! Congratulations

Cornonthecob says:

How much torque does it have?

HaydenFulmer’s Fulmer says:

Ru sure this was built in 5min?

Norman Don says:

Spiced brown rice 👌

konbax says:


Jason Ozment says:

Looks so fun. Is there any way to make it a 4×4 though?

Fabio Carvalho says:

Really awesome
How many weeks did you spend on it?

シップゴールド says:


Fredrick Leigh says:

Looks like fun. Well done!

M3L VÍLLÄ says:

Now all you need is another 6m to put a 3000hp engine on another vid

Данил Шевела says:

Music please!!!

Alberto Ceballos says:

Awesome! What you did to lift the suspension?

cosmodave69 says:

Ok Now just build a ramp already an put it out of its misery.

Send Nukes says:

3:44 cuteness warning

Ary Uchoa says:

What is the name of the flakes used in dashboard?

-КУРЯ - says:

Круто .Do you speak English.No

Tom Mitchell says:


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