Car Mods That Are Unsafe For Road Use

Car Mods That Are Unsafe For Road Use

VW Photo © Grant McDonnell
VW owner IG @zak_hobbs

I am all about self expression but making a car unsafe to be on the roads is a different story. The cars I mention all have reduced performance capabilities based on the modifications done to them, that makes them less safe to operate ultimately all in the quest to turn heads. I didn’t discuss bagged cars because those seem to be unsafe on command, meaning they don’t always need to be lowered, ideally that will only be when parked or stopped.

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JP lending says:

"The stanced miata is a complete…. let's – I dont want to sugar coat it, the miata is a death trap" lol

Billy Beane says:

My truck is a frame dagger but I have air vacs so ar ride height I'm 6 inches or more off the ground. Until some jack ass in a supercar tailgates me. Then I dump the air and throw the road reflectors up. Lol kidding I havent scraped a reflector in years. Hell I havent seen them in years since moving to the midwest. Snowplows and all.

operamatt says:

thank god this dude isn’t making laws…. squeezing the fun out of other peoples hobby. just focus on your happiness and stop trying to impede on other people’s happiness.

someone someone says:

I never understood why people do this. I think it looks ugly and rides harder. ( with the tires part )

petrol devo says:

Ricing should be done properly. And what's the deal with a huge crappy looking wing on a front wheel drive car…? The wing serves no purpose on a front wheel drive…..

galaxybeing1 says:

The Miata looks even more ridiculous and stupid than its factory OEM condition.

the_rustydoornob says:

“I need a gun I gotta donk
Heha what’s a donk

ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ says:

Of course the Italian communist wants to limit everybody else's God given freedoms.

Sonny Southon says:

U complain too much man jus let people do what they want to with their rides they the ones driving their car not u. U talk to much shuttup man I'm pretty sure people know that extreme mods are illegal but people don't care well they do but u don't hear of any accidents with any of these mods that u r talking bout so yeah

Rebel Son says:

The stance trend is the same as the fast and furious trend.

The Second Nemesis says:

I saw a Mazda6 lifted on MASSIVE wheels in Florida. 3 times as high as an average SUV.

Matt says:

Its crocodile dundee 2 that scene is from though donk is in both.

joshua sanchez says:

Rob your camera quality makes me feel like I’m in the 90’s 🙂

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