DIY Electric Car: 02 Which Car?

DIY Electric Car: 02 Which Car?

In this video, we discuss how to choose a good car to convert to electric. From the instructional DVD, BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR, available from

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Tarek BR says:

your videos are unorganized, difficult to follow, naming and numbering very confusing, 2 B part 1?? come one. deslike.

MoronicAcid1 says:

Why can't I just remove the transmission?

The Wide Open Life says:

do you still own the geo metro? – and if you do would you put a J1772 connector on it aswell as the 120v connector

Andrew Gems says:

I got outta Dodge! LOL!

Jos eph says:

I hate to ask a stupid question. Would an Ex-Police car (Crown Victoria) make a good electric car? Thanks for putting these videos on! This is a priceless addition to the knowledge of our society in my opinion.

Fly house of truth says:

I have prefrence for a Ford ranger, I also happen to have a 1991 Ranger, and it has an aluminum cap. Wheres your video on a couplor to mount the shafts together?

Toller Brown says:

looking around there are alot of cheap rx8's coupe rearwheel drive 1100kg, and I've been watching BMW 1series also rear wheel drive 1400kg. I have never done one. I want to get a rearwheel drive car cut the prop back put a cog on it motor in the boot(trunk) chaindriving it, battery stacks in the engine bay. probably a seperate motor for steering pump etc. I'd like to use an auto and wire the stick and gas pedal for controls to the motor controller. I like the idea of using an electromagnetic clutch on the drive to save the motor running all the time, what do you think? also thought about cutting a big duct in the front and putting a wind turbine in it mainly for looks, but it could charge, and some of those PV flexible sheets over the car wrapped in some sort of durable plasti-dip

Jamon Jefferies says:

Could an automatic transmission be used for this project?

Daëmon says:

cool accent…'Carw' 😀

Erik BUrns says:

Great video, I have been really intrigued by electric cars.  I too live in the Midwest (north IL) and I wish I was in So Cal where they have a lot of electric car guys so its refreshing to hear you.

Luke Nash says:

What about a rover mg

James Sawyer says:

Why lead bat? shouldn't you be using lithium ion?

MB031 says:

Great video..I just bought Nissan Leaf..I never had a better car! I love it.

Anthony Slusser says:

This looks like Wisconsin. Am I right?

andrew lee says:

how to maintain the power supplied of car without any fuel needed for charging? which i planing for continues driving for long distance without need to stop for charging. which mean while driving the vehicle and charge in the same time.

hellcat1988 says:

You wouldn't feel safe driving it if you looked at the crash reports and videos for it.

Karl Perkins says:

Hi their. I really want to build my own ev car like you.But i can't find the right used motor like your's.Can you help me.

RCPro Driver says:

I drive my pickup a mere 10 miles a day.  Rarely, it has to go 60 miles round trip.  Id love to have an electric pickup truck.  More torque, less to maintain and no more trips to the gas station when it is cold out.  If I was going to do a hatchback, Id use a 90-91 Honda civic.  Much cooler looking than a metro, LOL

BenjaminNelson says:

We don't convert cars for other people, but encourage you to do your own. If you want to find a conversion garage, the Electric Auto Association has lots of good information, including a list of converters. electricautoDOTorg

BenjaminNelson says:

Do a web search for the KENGURU. it's an electric neighborhood vehicle for persons in wheelchairs. Neat concept.

BenjaminNelson says:

On the Geo Metro, it has pretty much manual everything, except for brakes. The power brakes just used a small 12V electric vacuum pump. I don't carry a spare tire, just a can of fix-a-flat. I also designed the car with a mount in the front for a removable tow bar. If I ever need to tow the car (whether it broke, or to take it to a distant car show) I can flat tow it behind my pickup truck.

Paul Winger says:

Sorry, forgot to say… If I restore/convert old cars to electric for other people, IT WILL BE NON-PROFIT! (and I'm a disabled vet condemned to a wheelchair trying to live off social security, am unpredictable to work, somedays I can and others I can't, just want to do the "Right Thing".

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