DIY Miata Tailights & Wing Mods

DIY Miata Tailights & Wing Mods

IG: TylerFialko
SC: Tyler_Fialko




It is this a joke ?

Biff Bastion says:

When someone's dad has too much money……

Arizona Activist says:

And I thought Honda ricers were bad…

Javo Chavez says:

Your a 100% ricer

Chips Ahoy says:

Yo i just realized I live 3 blocks away from the Miata

Random Guy says:

this guy gets views because of how dumb and ugly his car is

scott russell says:

Omg them wheels 😂 that's such a gay setup

Gurkanwar Khangura says:

Is this some sick joke


I saw this and threw up

stephen george raju says:

i don't know .. i don't know.. that's all i heard 😂😂 . and yeah a ruined car too..

Jack Chediac says:

totally ricer

Jack Chediac says:

there is a million things I can hate on this car

The Hound says:

instead of useing your money on giraff mods or a messed up wing use it on a engine mod or a paint job

Jonathan Hernandez-Orozco says:

i'd rather you talk about Gatsby's car you have in the back like wtf

Brenton says:

Ew wtf a wing on a mx5

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