DIY Nexus 7 Head Unit Replacement Part 1: Materials and Installation

DIY Nexus 7 Head Unit Replacement Part 1: Materials and Installation

In Part 1 of this video, we cover how we replaced the stock FR-S head unit with a 2013 Nexus 7, providing the materials needed and the initial setup. Part 2 will cover the fabrication of the mount and and fine-tuning of the final install.

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2013 Scion FR-S Wiring Detail:

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Uche Nnamdi says:

Can you remember link to this Nexus case

huckjam says:

yeah thats a lot of extra stuff just to use bluetooth I mounted mine but I did in in conjunction with my head unit so i still have radio, cd player and EQ and didnt need the extra amp or to cover a huge hole in the dash. I just used a 3.5 to bluetooth adapter with my head unit and ended up with the same thing only more versatile and without the extra amp.

Hard city Raindrops says:

dude this is cool

ZoOoM says:

Whar is part 2 ?

ZoOoM says:


I stel dont know how did you connect the wires together for the Amplifier

i am wating for you to start my jube


Bobby A says:

that's not a 2013 nexus 7. it's the first nexus 7 which sucks compared to 2013 model.

Harry Williamson says:

would it not be better using the likes of a samsung 9.5 would cover the hole behind

Faisal Tanzir says:

Which Launcher you installed?

Joseph Horrell says:

This would be the best app to use for a Tablet based Head unit(I use it), I actually made it for my own use, and decided to give it to everyone to use 😛

Felipe hernandez says:

his name mod in gta 5

Granatenman says:

this is so getto…

Rushan M says:

What if you directly connect the car speakers to the tablet using a 3.5 mm jack and mount the device somewhere in the dashboard?

John Tafur says:

bro u from Argentina?

Joshua Gray says:

Not trying to talk down to your install, I'm always for someone doing this but as I've done this with more tablets and cars than I have fingers I can say… You made your install too difficult on yourself and too basic. And I mean this in every sense. There is SOOOOOO Much support for Tablet installations, ESPECIALLY for a Nexus 7. And using the Bluetooth Audio is just wrong. The Nexus 7 is one of the best, if not the best tablet for in dash installs because there is a Rom/Kernel for the tablet which was designed for in car installations. For full installations and being able to remove the tablet with ease, I suggest FifieldFabrications Dash Kits. They make some pretty nice stuff and fabrication with their DIY Kits is super easy if you ever had an imagination and went to kindergarten. Power, you want to use a decent power source with a decent USB Hub for better connectivity to more things such as Camera's, FM Radio (true FM, not that Internet radio bs that requires data). I suggest the Chineese made Matec DC-DC USB Power Adaptor. It provides 4 Ports at 5.3v and all 4 ports share 6a of Power. It is build for car installs and other DIY Projects but because of its power surge protection and other features, it makes installing in a car super safe and easy. You'll need also a USB DAC for Audio to an Amplifier, I chose a Behringer DAC since it not only has RCA Output but Optical for when I upgrade to a DSP. You'll need a USB DAB for FM Radio and anything else you can think of for your own fun…. A USB Port for connecting pen drives or your cell phone…. game controllers, whatever! With the rom you can run 2 camera's at the same time, wire them to be used as reverse camera's. All in all, its very cheap to install a nexus 7 as a legit, OEM looking Android Bad Ass System.

eivis13 says:

Bad installation for such a car. I give a rating 5/10, would have given a 7.5/10 if this was a pre 2005 car.

Sigma Octantis says:

Why the heck would you use bluetooth?

cmurda13 says:

Why the hell wouldnt you get the LTE version? Putting data on the tablet in your car is the only reason to put it in your car.

cmurda13 says:

I can't get a static in my back speaker to stop after the nexus 7 install.

Ahmed Salam says:

you need to re adjust your camera focusing priorities bro

Shan Liu says:

Well, how about back up camera?

alexinnitro2 says:

All that trouble just to end up with Bluetooth…

sdonaghey says:

What happened to part 2?

Jamille Browne says:

That is a clean looking install

denno021 says:

Where is part 2?

Jonathan Ray Pereira says:

I guess the new Parrot, Pioneer or Kenwood Headunits with android Auto or Apple CarPlay would do nicely 🙂 .. Probably he hasn't released a second episode because those Headunits are a better fit ..

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