How to install a DIY quick release for the Logitech wheel. An easy G29, G920 or G27 simulator sim racing rig aftermarket mod drift, rally or F1 steering wheel 3d printed for quickly changing a variety of rims on your simulator sim racing rig.

Items used
3D Files –
Clamp eBay –
Carbon Vinyl –
Aftermarket rim Bolts 12-16mm eBay –
Logitech rim Bolts – 16mm eBay
Nuts M4 M5 ebay –
Drift/rally wheel eBay

How to remove the Logitech rim

For a local 3d printing service use 3dhubs

Minimum Print settings:
Shell 0.8mm +
Fill 20% | 100% for wheel side.

My Main SIM Setup
Fanatec CSW 2.5 Wheel base
Fanatec F1 carbon, BMW, Universal Hub
Fanatec CS V3 Pedals
Fanatec Handbrake V1.5
Fanatec H pattern + Sequential Shifter V1.5
Fanatec Table clamps

Get Fanatec here:

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Chain says:

Is there no way to buy g920 adapter from you ?

ghost Kwt says:

can i print it with a cheap 3d printer ?

ElCarGuy YT says:

How i came here

Harley Falkenhagen says:

I love what your doing by the way its better than any other YouTube channel you diy.

Seth Vianilla says:

Is it possible to make this work for a G27?

Eren Kucuktepe says:

Your aussi ye

Bosswillgaming11 says:

I have watched this about 10 times its so cool oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Bosswillgaming11 says:

I'd love to do that to my g920 I'm Gona get

john smith says:

Hi there is anything for Fanatec clubsport base please

grobniktuners says:

This looking great which is price for adapter ?

Jamal Mokrani says:

Can you make a vibrating seat that reacts to the force feedback from the game?

arindam ghosh says:

Great work,the best idea i must say. Can you tell me, from where i can get that clamp used for locking the quick release adapters, please help me.

Colony ツ says:

0 force feedback.. :)))

TAKUYA says:

hey dude. amm can you give us the 3d print files. like the stl file? cuz i already have a printer and dont want to pay that much money. I wont give it away or something. just for me. Would be very happy since i cant find such a system anywhere

Fernando Sanchez says:

Hey we need a dashboard for Logitech g29… Think About it 😉

The nightmare gamer says:

What is the ncs song name???

ECO says:

i go to buy a g25 and i print it now 😛

Angel Vega says:

I am not a 3D printer though…

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