ELM327 + Arduino = Awesome DIY Car Gauge

ELM327 + Arduino = Awesome DIY Car Gauge

This is a digital car gauge based on the OBDuino Arduino code. It uses a modified bluetooth EL327 adapter and an Arduino.

You can find the arduino code on my website here:

A useful forum thread discussing the code can be found here:

My website with more pictures:



lakila wimukthi says:

How did u hard wired the ELM 327 with arduino

Albert Tremblay says:

I really like your project and would like to something similar. This to me is a proof of concept, because I understand much of what you are doing but much I do not. 1 question 🙂 what resources did you use to learn how to build this. How did you learn how to do this yourself? thanks, great job

Dominic Tursini says:

Very Neatly done!

Wayne Azzopardi says:

clean man ! 🙂

Wuety06 says:

cool but make it do more than the ap..u have those temp sensors, add auto climate either use a little linear actuator , make a digital circut to switch between resistor banks

Atanas says:

Nice project ! Where did you get 1602 lcd board?

Jean Oliveira Santos says:

Could I get the miliage information ?

My Car Improvements says:

Hi. What pin do you disconnect with relay on ELM???

Corolla XRS says:

Nice, need diy steps or instructions on how to do and set it up

gionavier says:

Hi Justin!
Congrats for your amazing job! I'm interested to develop a similar project for my car using obd II elm327 bt dongle and arduino.
Where can I find a comprehensive wiring diagram and/or instructions to how hack the bluetooth dongle hooking it up to arduino?
Thanks so much!

Boston Tillery says:

what kind of arduino did you use? I have never used one before.

Boston Tillery says:

cool clean miata, its simple but stylish, I like it!

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