How to Make a Rocker bogie Robot at Home – Stair climbing car

How to Make a Rocker bogie Robot at Home – Stair climbing car

DIY : Learn how to make a Stair climbing Robot. Its also called Mars Curiosity Rover.

Let’s check it out website for all major details –

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Its Physics working models for science exhibition. It’s very good project for mechanical engineering.

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Sayak Sarkar says:

sir can u share the link for buying the remote

nicolas guglielmo says:

Which motors you used?

Rohit Barkade says:

Which types of wheels use .. diameter.of wheel ?

AutoTech Sid says:

Bhai ye circuit or remote ka design aur components Bata ye project hamne select Kiya hai please reply

Azeem Ibrahim says:

sir. i liked your idea but there is a problem hope you help me in this. if i dont have 12 volt battery and motor can i use any other motor or anything please sujjest me immediately sir..

drawtoons says:

which motor driver is that

drawtoons says:

what is the name of the component you used

Rohit Barkade says:

Sir plz give information about the circuit specifications and design .. I am waiting for your valuable reply

Akash Prasannan says:

Link for buying those tires

sai pradeep says:

What is the size of wheels (diameter,mm)

Deepanshu Sarmandal says:

sir please tell us about radius of tyre, and description of motor and battery used.
please sir

hanuman jai says:

What type of motor and battery is used? Where do i get it ¿

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