How to Make Real Car Racing Gameplay from Cardboard

How to Make Real Car Racing Gameplay from Cardboard

How to Make Real Car Racing Gameplay from Cardboard | by Hack Room

It’s a new cool DIY project from Hack Room. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

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Alexer 43 says:

of which machine or shop you get that card of circuitry?

Xxroyalshadow says:

No way SWEAT

Kier Aninon says:

Don't Forget to Use!

box yourself mister XD says:

Nice video! 👍🏻😃

Izabela Wiszniewska says:


pedro santos says:

Fassa um para mim eu gostei

Queen Jamisa says:

I want That please

Юлия 3885 Плотникова says:

Очень круто маладец!!!

sos Longkumer says:

Great way to entertain… But things needed to built tat things were quit puzzlin… Shld hav shown abit in details… But i liked it anyways… Thnks for sharing

Cookie Is on the Loose! says:

Faheema bano i know right so cool

Swag Dani says:

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and !!!!MORE!!!!

Jdburko Gaming says:

many people could do this, I don't really understand why this dude gets so much credit. all you need is decent craftsmanship, decent knowledge of circuitry and this could probably be a project in early highschool.

CMCS2991 says:

High Score…just let the car sit between the lanes…no steering needed

Xiaozhen Li says:

Really cool and awesome bro!

jeffy reactor says:

What's the song at 4:23

texia cabeza says:

Haces perdon

texia cabeza says:

Me hsces la del auto y esta .me la traes a talinay 9090 la reina por $ 40.000

Tasha Thrasher says:

look cool bro

Muhittin Kor says:

Türk lerin gücünü göstermek için like patlaması

Selene Bahena says:

Me ases una igual q la tulla

DoubleLine says:

Your Soldering Thing Scares Me

abby Abby says:

Its inverted


Now that’s what I call creative!

Chhotan sarkar says:

How is unlike this!!!!😡

FrenzyGo says:


JeffTheSmurf says:

The music at 3:03 sounds like Jimmy Eat World's the middle

Sebastian Coetzee says:

Hard work pays off. It looks amazing!

Progamer FTW says:

Where do you buy oh the things

mommylovesrai says:

Im suck at this

Shutupjohnson says:

nvidia gtx 740ti, 8gb ram, i3 6200hq will it run?

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