Miata $10 DIY Coolant Reroute! | Turbo Miata |

Miata $10 DIY Coolant Reroute! | Turbo Miata |

I made a $10 coolant reroute to keep my Turbo Miata (Nyata) cool during boost. The coolant reroute works so good that it never overheated during a 45min drift sessions using a stock radiator.
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Jose Martinez says:

Hey man, great video, but I don't have a turbo and want to do this on my 1996. What happens with those little "pre-thermostat" lines once I relocate the housing to the rear? Thanks…

They Call Me The Mayor says:

Nice work! What is the music clip at the end please??

Clayton Bridges says:

youre pretty talented tbh

will godfrey says:

Did you move the coil pack to the side of the engine? I took apart mine today to do the reroute. I am going to put it back together tomorrow and don't think the coil pack will fit in original spot. Thanks for this video!

jcheeseman21 says:

maybe the vacuum pipes were just laying around the shop but you could run some PVC in there at low cost as well. I just watched a video of a reroute and the guy suggested a hose from another vehicle that will run straight from front to rear on the Miata without having to use a pipe at all, though I would think you would need some clamp or something to stabilise the hose. Keep us updated on how that heatshield you'll put in works out, of course in video format, like to see how you did it, cheers.

Monotone Adventures says:

I'm gonna say that changing the nasty coolant water is probably what actually lowered those temps….lol
Lot's of companies route the water the way to keep the heads from overheating, or to keep the temperature normalized so as to not "shock" the area between the heads/block as the thermostat opens and closes.

Ultimate Rides says:

dank channel i subscrib

36ELGALAN says:

Thanks for posting the before and after temperature differences. # subbed

TurndatWrench says:

LOLOL sick nyan cat! that car is hilarious!

Zachary Aicholtz says:

Awesome video! I love this over the $300+ Mtuned reroute. I'm really curious on how you made that rear hose fit around the coil pack though, seems impossible looking at my car haha

Dd says:

Where did you put the coolant sensor?

Lucas Gonzalez says:

Wait so the temp sensor just goes where the unused bolt was before? Theres coolant flow going through there??

Testacorsa says:

Hey Luca. Your videoes are getting really good! Thanks for this tip. What did you modify on the ignition coils exactly?

MyLonewolf25 says:

You should definitely get a heat blanket for that turbo and at least heat wrap it and your headers
And do you have a aftermarket ecu?
It looked like you were leaning out in some areas

seth alton says:

Forklift… because floor jacks are for pussies >.<

Awesome videos man

Max Latrans says:

So, I'm not clear on where you mounted the thermostat. Is it just wedged in between what was the front filler neck and the back of the head or is there a recess for it?

Owen McKee says:

Congrats on the 7k man, you deserve way more recognition seriously one of the best miata channels on YouTube.

skullcam says:

nice channel man im luven it ….im doing a ricer hyundai build for my channel .ATM….from your new subscriber..skullcam

Jesse Zondag says:

waar woon je want ik zag een video waar je ging driften op het TTT circuit en daar woon ik vlak bij.

Wafflebrah21 says:

A cheap dual core aluminum radiator will help it even MORE. Nice job!

ChokoTB says:

Sick mod! Are you using the stock clutch?

Thoemaaas says:

i guess it didnt leak the first time?

TheGrouchyTub says:

holy fuck u have some fleet of machinery about ye

Razvan2399 says:

what engine will put the future "1jz or 2jz" if you can afford?

Justin Baker says:

Man, I have been procrastinating on getting this done since I boosted my Miata. Seeing those real-time temp differences really lit a fire under me to get it done!

M. Hayes says:

thats the most expensive jack ive ever seen lol

The Average Gamer says:

I think for mine i will introduce a mishimoto radiator. My temps are as high as yours currently. Stock radiator is just too small.

Muhammed Mujahid says:

Instructions unclear, got my penis stuck in radiator fan shroud.

YRCZ says:

rattlecan the valve cover

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