Most Affordable BMW Mods (ALL UNDER $30)

Most Affordable BMW Mods  (ALL UNDER $30)

Purchase a decal to enter this giveaway. Thank you all for the continues support. Looking for different wrap ideas. Lmk what colors other than nerd grey you all thinking about 🙂

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Anything would mean the world 🙂


BimLand Performance:
e90 Taillight Overlay:
e90 Headlight Overlay:
e90 Halo Lights:
e90 Air Scoops:

Cannon t6i:
DSLR Stabilizer:
50mm lense:
18-55mm lense:

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Copart Build



Everyth1n9 says:

Jesus how many guys do you need??

Jamel says:

Stickers=/= Mods

Renata Lazoova says:

great work 👌👌

Delton Jose Buque says:

i need eagle lights and stop covers

Delton Jose Buque says:

hi, can you help me to get some parts to upgrade mine. i liked your

Kyle Espiritu says:

Wasted my time watching this….

RickyTheGee says:

Do you use girly shit on your eyebrows or what mate?

wilber caceres says:

What rear bumper is that

Zsoca Varga says:

Dint wrap it paint it

john moore says:

How the fuck could anyone stick this fucking rabbiting Muslim 🖕🏼

xlADHDcRlx says:

It looks stock still just sayin 🤷🏽‍♂️

Shayne Bermudez says:

Don’t ever touch another bmw again. Please….

BRUINS 24 says:

I'm so glad I bought the Lci e90 😂

Harry Walks says:

Am I the only person who is thinking the head/tail lights are those colours for the reverse and indicator lights? Are people not gonna see them?

RustySolo says:

aye my brotha (Nour too)

Fucq Youl says:

Have the same halo leds. There straight up junk. First set lasted 6 months we’ll see how this set holds up but probably junk still

Yaro says:

Sorry dude, but i'm getting very upset seeing your footage/content… jesus christ leave in peace that poor bmw, please and find some better job.. "vlogging" isn't for you.. i'm honestly tryin' to be as kind as i can, but it's hard tho
It isn't car modding what you're doing, it's car screwing 🙁

NavigaceČ - Naučíme Vaši navigaci česky says:

Not nice at all!

michael w says:

that's suspect though. daz sell out shit fa real

the guy offers you some shit, you should set him up with a shout out… unless he don't wanna be known for that shady shit.

but you already point him out, showed us his shady shit so anyone wanna buy daz on dem.

you were already honest. washed your hands/saved face.
so for respect, still just hollat cha boy for da hookup

ERG Grimoire says:

Two tone semi gloss purple

devon julius says:

How do i install the push start button?

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