Project Integra Mods List 2016

Project Integra Mods List 2016

Sorry for the short videos… This is the current mods list for the summer. Coilovers , Wheels, Paint, Roll Bar, Harness Etc.
After this is all done we can move on to the bigger things! Last video until 5/25/2016 🙁
Here are the wheels, YouTube doesn;t want me to add third-party websites to cards
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G-Smith says:

nice jump cuts. jk work on it

Musa says:

Look into Tein. What county in MD you from? I'm in MoCo.
Just hit me up if you need advice, etc. I'm on team-Integra user name phatintegra. I know the teg inside and out. I been modifying & customizing mine for over 17 years now and it's getting re-modified again.

Official_Highlife says:

How much for the bar on the back you said your gonna sell it

DC Crush says:

Bro nice Teg man subscribe to my channel. I'm trying to stay in contact with the Teg builders on here. Nice to see I'm not the only black dude who drives a Teg lol. I hear we are a rare breed 😂

Brian Budhu says:

Function and form are your best bet, they give you a good ride and there not bouncy at all.

Luxury Streetwear says:

How much was the x bar and where

Jason OC says:

Fortune auto coils was just in them at poco no raceway and loved them!

Boon Yang says:

Go Ksport, you can mess with the stiffness. Only con is you can't go as low as function and form 1 (ff1)
Ff1 is okay but ride quality isn't the best but will do the job of going low enough, all depends on how low u wanna go and the quality of the ride u want it to be

Jay Capo says:

I got tein coil overs on factory struts love them

Luis HQ says:

Right on man. Got you subbed

Junior Gaming says:

Skunk2 muffler

YungDD315 says:

Eibach suspension. very comfy ride.

big beard says:


Evan Surprenant says:

deff function and form bro

Jonathan Ward says:

use dry ice to get rid of the sound deadening

Amateur Car Garage says:

how did you make your outro

Javier Montes says:

How much miles you for on it?

jose tellez says:

i have rota grids on my integra too! but i just got some rota SLIPSTREAMS. check those out before you buy the grids! they're lighter and they look really great.

nicholas soldo says:

Paint it type r yellow, do the 5 lug conversion, get type r wheels

Ricky Iturralde says:

from word of mouth i think you should get tein coilovers, or just get the new ktuned coilovers

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