ROXGT V8 Homemade Car Project Build

ROXGT V8 Homemade Car Project Build

Engine – Chevrolet 350
Transmission – Audi 01E
Brakes front – 330mm, 6 piston caliper
Brakes rear – BMW 540 E39

Width 1902
Lenght 4099
Hight 1104

Track front/rear 1592/1598
Wheelbase 2543

Rim front
Rim rear

Tires front
Tires rear

Project made by:



Jeremy Deming says:

This is stunning engineering and craftsmanship.

Stephen Box says:

Deep pockets and boredom! Square Tubbing, ugg!

Brendan Lightfoot says:

Very, very well done sir. A testament to your skill and tenacity. Built something more akin to a Lambo in 2000 and had a similar challenge in hiding the gearbox protrusion, though we used a porsche G50 slung upside down.

Jay.S says:

wow. very inspirational. How long did it take you to build? How does it run?

pyroshnid says:

One of the best home built cars I have ever seen what an amazing job a real inspiration

MrBelair1956 says:

sehr gute arbeit beeindruckende ingenieurskunst. die welt ist ein stück reicher, durch ihre kreativität.
meine hochachtung.

Eric Charles says:

This is wicked nice subed thank you.

Seth Johnson says:

This guy engineers and entire car out of nothing and the most asked question is "how did he get the trans to bolt up"? – Face Palm.

jeorlie edang says:

what is the material he use for the covers? body

Brandon Smisek says:

DUDE!!! well done. did you make a scale model for the body, because it looks great.

Space God says:

one of the best builds ive ever seen absolutely astonishing

C G says:

This looks, to me, like would would result from a Porsche and De Tomaso 'Pantera' collaboration.

Theo F says:

Would have been good with explanation of what was what. That and kill the sucky 'musc'.

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