The RV is being repainted and we are really excited to share it with you. It is turning out so well and looks just about like a brand new rig. We’re excited to share our full time RV story and the journey we are taking while we travel the country.

Thanks so much for watching and we look forward to talking with you more!

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Dawn Michelle says:

I'm curious – I'm considering tackling my older rig the same way as you are here – but I have some very small chips across the truck cab – not exactly rust underneath, but paint definitely gone. Did you have anything like that and did you just paint over it or do any sanding? If you were keeping the RV longer would you come back with a clear coat?

Nora Steel says:

How'd your surgery go?

Anthrit says:

Thanks to your videos we got an RV to remodel. Painting is one thing we want to do outside and thanks for the tip on removing the stripes. May I ask what kind of paint to use? My dad will be using an air compressor to paint it and not sure what kind to use.

The Wandering Fedora says:

I'm glad you are doing what makes you happy. That said, seriously, use some paper and tape and tape off windows and trim to avoid having to go back and spend A LOT of time scraping paint off glass. A few minutes spent before you paint taping off glass and other trim will save hours later.

Sharon J says:

A little brown paper taped over the windows would have saved a lot of aggravation. I like your color choice!

Armando Hernandez says:

hi…just found your channel…I'm enjoying your videos…thank you

Pete_ Hine_Of_PA says:

I'm surprised you didn't buy a small air compressor and a spray paint unit. I would have prepped it, taped it up how I wanted, then taken it to Maco and leave them shoot the paint on. They use regular car paint and since they are a chain their prices are great. I had a few work trucks painted by them, it was cheap and a nice job and lasted too. When they are done it looks professional. When you consider your time and all those spray paint cans, I don't think it would have been much more to have a chain paint shop such as Maco shoot it for you.

rupe53 says:

Have done a fair amount of painting with spray cans and the rules are similar to having a professional do it. Prep work BEFORE paint is key! Light sanding and a rub down with thinner to remove wax and road grime will make the paint stick. Failure to do this (and be fickle about it) and you will eventually find the paint flaking off every time you bump into something. Had one job where I missed a spot during prep and when masking for the 2 tone color the first color came off when I pulled the tape. Lesson learned!

Lillian Maldonado says:

So far so good,changes are great, but most of all when you finish it's going to be your home with your unique touches and personality

roberto abrams says:

Can't wait to see the finished product 👍

Ingenious Camper says:

paint on that brown weather seal will make it dry out and shrink a little can actualy replace the seals cheaply, only sheet metal screws hold the windows in. great place to find parts cheap. , a nother place to look for seals >

sam ishere says:

are you going to cover the paint with a clear coat?? will protect the paint from fade etc…looking good tho 🙂

Albie Shevis says:

looks fantastic! I to am a retired full-time rver hopefully can meet up with you guys I'm heading to east tn Smokey mountains come mid May. anxious to see you finished product I'm in a 28 ft c class love the living!

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