Top 10 BUDGET Mods To Improve Your Car's Performance

Top 10 BUDGET Mods To Improve Your Car's Performance

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djhh99 says:

This is the video that introduced me to the jdm world, it will be in my heart forever

Mert Sevinç says:

Really nice vid. Thanx

Gior D Ace ? says:

What is the song plz ?

Bryce Naquin says:

What is a high temperature bake pad? 2:10

Dead pool35 says:

Hey this is the YouTuber Deadpool 35 I just wanted to ask some do you want one of my PlayStation games I'm selling

hexlgaming says:

and best of all most of these things can be done for really cheap or even free; with a couple of friends & just a little bit of knowledge..

Melvz Mejia says:

nothing is really a "budget" when it comes to improving a cars performance (except that weight reduction lol), but thanks for the info.

Chris Hansen says:

Trade off's: louder, scuze me how is that a trade off

Another Name says:

one of the best weight reductions you can do is take out the engine. +20HP for virtually free!

Another Name says:

best budget mod. GET A PRIUS

Unlucky Boyy says:

Are u joking?

If your car isnt have enough power more wide wheels only do your car more slow

MANXAN H says:

Do u know the definition of BUDGET NOT A QUESTION NO U DONT CHEAPEST MOD ON HERE IS WEIGHT REDUCTION THE REST OF YOUR “BUDGET” MODS are in the hundreds of If not thousands of dollars

Dam Dam says:

watch baby driver before driving = 100 hp increase!

Mads Blikdal says:

Strut bars Will make your car feel like a GT3 car😂

Mads Blikdal says:

None of this is cheap. And coilovers does fuck all!

VIZE KUN says:

Ok so im trying to get into cars more and im. Ot much for the engine, more the esthetic and look of my car. Like adding a wide body, changing the stance. All that. But i still wanna play with under the hood. Nothing to crazy or major just add a turbo or super. Maybe both, and i noticed in alot of these videos the more hp you gain the less fuel economy you get in your car. So i was wondering if that in more modern fay cars that have the fuel econ on the whole time and you have a sports switch, is there a way to have it where you still have good fuel econ but once you put on the sports mode with all the modifications, you can have all the fun. So i was wondering if that was a thing or you just have to give up on more of the fuel econ all together.

Metalhead0303sp says:

Cheapest way to increase performance is to sell your weak car and buy and older but more powerful one. It's not smartest way, but it sure is cheapest… Btw, best mod out there is the last one. Changing your filters and liquids and other stuff that needs replacements is the best way to maintain your cars performance…

Carefree channel says:

i hate when the car sound to loud but the car running like a turtle like wtf so rice

Carefree channel says:

i cant read it is too fast

Shish World says:


ImSippinTeaInYoHood says:

In California you can't really do anythimg

Dank Riding says:

Intro music?

Jimarious says:

Buy a supercharger, costs 6k but worths it

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