1968 Pontiac Firebird Pro Touring Restomod – Full Restoration Project

1968 Pontiac Firebird Pro Touring Restomod – Full Restoration Project

This Pontiac Firebird build began as an unfinished project; the owner was collecting parts for several years. With a good stash of parts on hand to start the build, he disassembled the Firebird down to a bare shell and had the body sand blasted. What he discovered was the level of body repair needed was simply beyond his capabilities. A few months later, the Firebird arrived at MetalWorks for a full transformation. The Firebird was to retain its classic looks, but with modern performance abilities.


Engine: Butler Performance 505ci (651 hp, 665 fl lbs tq.)
Transmission: TREMEC 6-speed (Centerforce DYAD clutch)
FAST Multi-Port EFI System
RideTech suspension
Wilwood brakes
Forgeline GW3 wheels (18×10, 18×11)
BFGoodrich G-Force Rival S tires (275/35ZR18 & 315/30ZR18)
Speedhut gauges

Built by:
1045 Arrowsmith St.
Eugene, OR 97402

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Sachin Verma says:

i wonder how much it would have cost !!!

Mauricio Mata says:

algún día así tendré mi taller

David Prt says:

Eso no es una restauración, es una actualización… Restauración es mantener en estado original todos sus componentes volviéndoles utilizables, pero fuera de eso, el trabajo es de primera calidad, excelente, felicidades!

Synthetic says:

Нереально круто!


Cuanto cuesta una restauración de esas?? tengo los 3 muscle, charger, camaro y mustang (cascarones)

Юрий Васильевич says:


Александр Мартынюк says:

Сука американки 70х просто огонь 🔥🔥🔥🔥

DIY 924 says:

Under 20k in 2018?! Hard to find rear wheel drive transmissions… 😘🌀🌈

Cleberson Aparecido says:

too fast for you 👍👍👍

micky dee says:

Very impressive restoration. You guys did a mega job on this Firebird. If I could ask a question : why not IRS instead of a live axle?

emanuel souza says:

Muito top …

Ali jutt says:

O may
Its hot

walkinshawkiwi says:

How many doors does that dyno room have?

abc def says:

Beautiful, beautiful job!
Thank you for preserving a copy of a quickly vanishing piece of America!

조승규 says:

O.M.G…. This is not restoration… This is making film!

otherstuffbybob says:

Inspiration to go out and work on my '67. Thanks

Captain Hecker says:

Man i'd hate to be on the receiving end of those billable hours

Camaro Z twentyeight says:

It was stated that the body was sand blasted. By the looks of the panel streak marks and the under lying metal after the outer skin was removed, it appears that it was dipped. Any idea if it was dipped as well ? Thanks

Mikecard Yeah says:

Better than new

Money Mind says:

Don't involve in any accidents… 100 percent no survivors…

Наурыз Аубакиров says:

Впервые показывают работу по электронике

BeerGin says:

Simply Beautiful.

Ryaneg6freak says:

I have NEVER seen anyone guide coat their clear. You guys and your attention to detail are on a level I can't describe.

talentedmangina says:

Beautiful! Hyped me up! I’m almost done with my 68 Camaro. Doing a Mast Motorsports LS3/416 with a supercharger, 6 speed and independent rear suspension. Lots of carbon fiber, but painted. I don’t want to lose the look of the old classic.

Go fuck Yourself says:

How much your sell this car for?

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