DIY Garage Makeover

DIY Garage Makeover

You guys always ask where I shoot? Believe it or not, in my garage! I have been dialing in where my backdrops live for a month now but didn’t know how to tackle the remaining wall in the garage. Home Depot came to the rescue! I have partnered up with THD to give my garage a #cleansweep. I am showing you how I go about a DIY garage makeover – turning this wall full of stuff we didn’t need/know we had into a one stop shop for cleaning, organizing and a place to stay inspired with all my projects. This is a dream come true! AH! Ok, go watch and swoon with me. Stay rad xx.

Get the list of everything I used for this makeover on Home Depot’s blog:

See what else Home Depot is up to:

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ImaginativeCreativeYou says:

That is a great transformation, well done! 👍🏾 Such a great video!

Adam Gray says:

Skateboarding and organizing, my two favorite things in life hahah. Great video, Rachel! Future garage goals!

Michael Pratt says:

Those sun glasses are rad 😎

The Emma says:

love that mini fridge!!

ToolBox Divas says:

Your garage looks freaking awesome! I love the lights and the shelves you added to put in a personal touch. And I love love love that jayz art haha really nice!

Gorani Nochyu says:

the coolest garage i've see 😍😍

Prabhashini Wickramasinghe says:

This is huge and super awesome! 🤗 love it Rachel! ❤️

Sara Kielbasinski says:

Feelin so inspired!! I’m obsessed, it looks so rad 😍

Melisssa G. says:

Wow such a transformation!!!
Definitely giving me inspiration, love it!!!!!!

Michelle Weston says:

wowwwww that turned out soooo nice !! home depot pulling through!

JamCore DZ says:

PROUD OF YOU ..You are on the right track don't change a THING!!!!

Melon Waxx says:

My dads garage definitely needs this😂

Lxx Vx says:

Ummmmm excuse me!?!?!? This deserves way more views!😫😫
Absolutely loved this!!!!

Emily Dao says:

so freakin epic!!!

Sarah and Christopher says:

Looks incredible! I love it! 😍😍 -Sarah.

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