DIY Garage Shelves // How-to

DIY Garage Shelves // How-to

How to build garage shelving, the easy way.

Total cost of this project was about $80 in materials.

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Mfreiher says:

What size screws are you using?

tran john says:

Hi Robert,
which type and size screws were used to attach wood to the studs and I believe the other screw was 3inch! Was it same one ones? Any idea how much weight can these shelves handel. I was thinking of building shelves that are supposed by ground with six legs total rather than studs since I didn't want poke holes in the studs and damage them if I will have heavy items of the shelves.

fencerider says:

Robert, where did u get that tool for pre drilling holes?

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Get that stuff out of the way so you can build more cool things, right? ha ha. Nice solutions, Robert!

DIY Montreal says:

Nice method! Thanks for sharing your tips, really like that.
I’m curious, why use drywall screws to tie down the plywood?

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