DIY Garage Wall Storage

DIY Garage Wall Storage

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Edward Steele says:

theres no way you use that surfacer like that when the camera isnt rolling 😂😂😂😂

Lane Romel says:

I much prefer the HVLP spray systems, I can spray inside in the same area that I work, do not get over spray everywhere.

Shawn K says:

I saw a notification pop up for this and initially closed it, then thought ‘wait… did that say garage storage?! I need that!’ and came back

Mahendra Tiwari says:

Love it Sir😊 thank you .

Gerald Roth says:

Your work has always been perfect. I wish my projects would turn out like yours. Keep’em coming and thanks.

Jason Bissonnette says:

I love the bur oak! Gorgeous wood. And great job on the rack!

Terry kadhim says:

Man! This exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Hector Roy says:

Gilbert you put a lot pride into your work! Congratulations!

Gator's World says:

For another time Gilbert….your doing excellent work….your planer does an exceptional job….when two pieces of wood stick togeter…you can`t get better than than….that shelf looks very good on your wall and the beauty is if you want you can move it….I`m sure you thought of that…..good video….CHEERS

Российский бот says:

I always find that working on my own shop is the most satisfying project of all.
I still can't get over how clean your floor is!

Hashem fayez Eqteish says:

Excellent thanks

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