DIY OSB hanging cabinet ( quick and dirty )

DIY OSB hanging cabinet ( quick and dirty )

In this video I make a cheap cabinet for my workshop out of OSB material. It is hanged on the wall with a french cleat system.

Tools and materials:
Table saw:
Skil drill:
Circular saw:
Nail gun:
Piano hinge:

I would really like to thank for sending the air compressor I use in the video.

The air compressor is this one:

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titus41 says:

Thumbs up! This cabinet is exactly what i want in my garage 🙂 Can you share the outside dimension?

B Anon says:

Most excellent! This is exactly the type of videos I need! how to make stuff fast from affordable materials! I don't have a lot of money and I don't care what stuff looks like I just need functional things for my shop!

Marcos Domato says:

I miss the music!

Янот 77 says:

Круто, лайк

BB Cute says:

Should paint the cabinet.

Mike C says:

Great job. You make it look very easy.

Carbonite Gamorrean says:

What kinda screws were used?

Arch Stanton says:

You made a nice cabinet using some difficult to work with OSB.

Umberto Ferreira says:


Виталий Нежинский says:

What brand do you have for sawing? Thank you.

Jose Lamar says:

Was that built in the abyss? Why so dark?

Reinhard Decker says:

I like simple solutions. Good vid, one thumb up.

Jose Luis says:

Translation, that is a real house with brick walls, not Sheetrock. : )

Arnaldo Oliveira says:

Nice and clean work!

zaycelov says:

good one. and how about splinters ?

MAGA MAN says:

How long did it take for that thing to completely fall apart?

Ерик Калдыгулов says:

there is a drawing

fa şo says:

Great job komşi

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