DIY PAINT BOOTH? Options to get the Supra Project Painted.

DIY PAINT BOOTH? Options to get the Supra Project Painted.

Diy paint booth an option for the shop to get the mkiv supra painted? I weigh the options of building one out of pvc pipe, buying a party tent or garage canopy, vs buying an inflatable paint booth from China!
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Dennis Lewanowicz says:

I would rent a scissor lift and use commercial ceiling tie wire to hang 2×3 or 2×4 frame 14' wide and 20-25' long with a stud every 2' or even 4' to keep it light. This way you can make ceiling as high or as low as you want with the 12 ga. Tie wire. Then get rolls of 20' x 100' reinforced 6 mil clear plastic (make sure reinforced or it will tear in a week or 2) and cover the frame and make sure to let it touch the ground and still have a couple feet to inroll in order to have the ability to weigh it down, set up fans, and screw up another Supra. 😀. Sorry had to say it lol.

When you are done painting the car you can roll it up and tie it to the platform above (think like a tent door) staple or screw 2 pieces of rope, one over and one under the plastic to tie it after rolled. Then leave it and forget about it until you need it again.
I'd just leave it up there permanently and roll it down when you need it.

Vax Buster says:

GoPro sucks

Richard Davies says:

The one with 2 air blowers is like a bounce Castles ain't it

Mr420darkstar420 says:

Build 5 squares of pvc wrapped in plastic and assemble your own booth by the door…then when you done disassemble and stack flat against a wall for later

Nathaniel Mathies says:

$2400 for a paint booth?
Just pay a pro to do it in his booth. Half the price.

David Williams says:

How long would it take and how much would it cost to clean your neighbors paint booth that you used previously?

lazy guys hobby farm says:

I don't know if anyone suggest this Saturday but you could look it up like a DIY Greenhouse

Eric o'keefee says:

You need the booth to have positive pressure so any tiny hole can't let dust in. If it is positive air pressure it will push air out any little hole

The Zokii ドリフト says:

look at gingiums paint booth diy! he did a great job

partymstr4 says:

i would say that if you plan on using the booth setup fairly regularly than the that last inflatable booth you showed would be best as an investment (both in money and time) if plan to use it doing your side jobs as well as projects for the channel. if its only once or twice than probably just worth it to have a local paint shop paint the car especially if your prepping the car yourself.

ChastBlind says:

I like the go pro but audio kind of bothers me

kswap tutorial says:

just make your own hoop house

Munch Munch says:

You click baited me with the 🐥😭😭

armando tabarez says:

I'll just go with the wedding tent.

James Barnhill says:

Love the country song in the background lol. But they make 2 different off thing shit that isnt worth crap and thicker one that we use to make our green house. I will send u a video or pictures of how we did it

Patrick .Bøttcher says:

Build the Booth in the entrance to the shop..
U got the pallet shelfs AS Walls and then u just need to build the Roof and air shizzel…

Chris Mcmillen says:

Do pvc and then have the whole thing shrink wrapped and add a zipper door

Home Built By Jeff says:

Thanks for the shout out guys. Good luck with your booth build.

Daniel Brown says:

gopro looks good for quick easy videos…

Lex Riordan says:

isn't daddy shop big enough for him to buy u a booth

Lex Riordan says:

you deserve mum dad's money they pay ur shop rent don't they baby

Lex Riordan says:

I'd ask landlord daddy for booth stomp ur feet get angry mummy will get what u want

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