Episode 09 – DIY Garage Storage Shelves

Episode 09 – DIY Garage Storage Shelves

I made storage shelves in my garage for better organization. These shelves work great with storage totes.

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wabash says:

Why does the intro sound like an infomercial you would see at 4am?

Nobz Nezz says:

Nice build, could have done without the annoying music.

April Tosch says:

This is EXACTLY what I'm planning to make. Thank you so much! I was expecting to have to double up the 2 x 4's on the frame for greater strength but doesn't seem necessary now.

I heart sea life says:

Pretty farm with a good ole tire swing hanging from the tree. I would love to wake up to that! Thanks for the sharing this video. This is the best technique that I've see on YouTube.

Raul Padilla says:

Very nice work and a great idea. Personally I would also add a board at the bottom so the containers can be on the shelf everytime you need to roll it. Great job regardless! Thanks for sharing.

Eddie Maximo says:

Great build, where 10’ 2×4’s for the height?

Moosemuir says:

What was the wood sizes?

Sean McDyer says:

Great Video. Which wheels have you gone with and how are they holding up?

Jason Chalanick says:

what are those brackets called you used to make the ends square?

Jake Thompson says:

Cool video.. keep up the good work.. can't wait till your next build.

sparky107107 says:

nice build. I would not have thought of the cross bracing. and I see you what, play golf once a year. lol, top shelf. that's where I would put them to

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