Floating Garage Shelves / Shop Storage // DIY Woodworking

Floating Garage Shelves / Shop Storage // DIY Woodworking

Here are some quick and easy shelves I made for my garage workshop. I was aiming for easy access to the tools that I use the most, hence the open design and minimal clutter. Post any questions in the comments and I’ll be sure to do my best to answer.

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Messy74 says:

Hi what type of clamp do you use for the corner joints?

atteljas says:

That was fast!

Big Blue says:

Have link for that jig I used to keep boards square when screwing them in

Tim McKinney says:

Wow I am so glad I bought my Sliding miter saw. After watching you use yours. The sliding saw is much better.

M 69 says:

Nice video. No drama just build.

tlou goat says:

That's awesome. I make these and throw a jointed 2×10 on top and sell them as shoe storage benches.

mkl757 says:

I like your style, practical af!

William Farr says:

Great job here… Man U work fast! I really appreciate the simplicity of this build btw. No French cleats here, screw it to the studs, done…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

John Bosevski says:

Love the no nonsense saw stop. Detecting a little Diresta influence in the mitre saw technique there. Nice build Robert… Subscribed­čĹŹ

rebas04 says:

I bet you could build a house in one day

Joe Blow says:

Bro, don't you know that you can't make anything worthwhile unless you have FESTOOL!! Ryobi, Dewalt, and Milwaukee!?!?!? JUNK! Figured I'd say it before somebody who is actually serious comes along. Good videos man!

Bob Robertson says:

Nice thanks

Susan Lites1 says:

A Kitchen Island I think would be a challenge

George Mitchell says:

thank you !

Brandon Wiggins says:

Those are clean, nice work!

John Drummond says:

What kind of clamps are you using?

George Mitchell says:

Thanks for posting this , I have a lot of scrap wood I'm going use to build these . I really like the idea of fitting each tool in its own space .

Joe Momma says:

Damn he can move really fast I need him working for me

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Welcome back! Time to whip that shop into shape. ha

Hicham Sahnoune says:

And to the beauty of carpentry address

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