Garage Project 7 – Workbench 2

Garage Project 7 – Workbench 2

In this video I show you how to make a “standard” workbench. This will be my main workbench in my garage. I will make most of my projects on this workbench so I wanted it to be sturdy and practical. The top measures 48″W x 84″L. The base measures 41″W x 68″L. The height of the bench is 36-3/4″.

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Jonathan Guess says:

hi i am from CA. it is nice see from the same state

Jonathan Guess says:

kids make the best help

Chris Lawrence says:

Your doing a real great job

WestCoastMods says:

I built my main work bench pretty similar as yours….a few differences in the jointery and how I did the top. For the joinery I used lap joints which is much stronger than butting them up… and for the top I put the plastic laminate (I used hardboard) on first then trimmed out the plywood edges with Poplar….I put the trim pieces on just proud of the hardboard, then use a flush trim bit to flush out. ┬áSo basically the hardboard sits within the Poplar trim
Also, I did not glue the hardboard down, this way when it gets old I can easily replace it with a new piece.
Btw, this is a temporary workbench, just so I can get started building stuff for the house

sam says:

silly americans measuring in feet and inches

Robert Smith says:

what grit are u using to sand down

Robert Smith says:

where can i purchase the lament you used at the end there sir

DAVID 24 says:

Looks great and great tip with the extra router bit

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