How to Build Garage Shelves | The Best Way!!

How to Build Garage Shelves | The Best Way!!

Are you sick and tired of your garage being cluttered up and having no room to park your cars or walk? That ends today with these garage storage shelves! The shelves don’t take up any for space by utilizing the upper portion of the walls in your garage that never get used. If you’d like to build your own set of shelves, there is a shopping/cut list available below for free!

Shopping List:

23- At 8′ Long

3/4″ Plywood:
3- 4’x8′ Sheets

1- Box of 1 5/8″ screws
2- Box of 3″ screws
1- Box of 3.5″ Wall Anchoring Screws

Cut List:

10- 8′ Long (Main Shelves and Ceiling Mounted Braces)
26- 21″ Long (Shelf Supports)
5- 45.5″ (End Shelves and Ceiling Mounted Braces)
6- 48″ (Drop Down Ceiling Braces)

3/4″ Plywood:
3- 4’x8′ (Lumber store can rip it down to 2’x4′ pieces)




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Chad Hillje says:

good Job eric!

Wade Brown says:

Try painting first while its all easy to do then constuct, much easier and neater.

Lino Pacheco says:

Eric, thanks for a really useful video, with a simple approach, easy to follow explanation and great video quality. Subscribing now!

Gregory Hobbs says:

Lol my parents will paint this white to blend into the wall better… Sure. Um son while your living under my roof rent free (safe Harbor) and Storing Your Crap in my garage for free. You are going to paint the boards white to blend with the wall. Here is the paint brush…enjoy. Oh clean my tools when your done. 👍

Joe Monroe says:

Many of those screws snap; put some nails in it for cheap insurance.

John Puli says:

How much would a similar job like this cost on all three walls if contracted out?

YZFR6 says:

Great job man! Subscribed! 👍🏻

sMiLey Warrior says:

Great video. I’m planning on doing something similar but my concern is with the construction screws. I need to store about 8 tires roughly 800-1000 lbs. I guess I’ll be using lag bolts while I mount my frame to the wall and ceiling. I wouldn’t want anything to fall down on my vehicle.

Jason Stringer says:

great shelves and nice work! I am trying to adapt and copy your style for some bedroom shelves…what are the dimensions of the finished shelves? and the rectangular boxes you start with, are they 2 feet deep and 4 feet the long way? thanks

iishyxvietxboyii1 says:

Is that your parents home? You look 12, lol

JPer says:

Would love to say “Fuck that bitch”!

Adventures of a Handyman says:

Looks good homey

Hector Ramos says:

Great job young man. I am going to do the same in my shop to utilize all that wasted space. I’m am old electrician but not an old carpenter so I’m going to follow that mans advice regarding the 45deg bracing. Better to be safe than sorry. Keep up the good work.

David Crawford says:

Nice video production. However, like just about every video on these style of shelves, you fail to mention a critical detail. Lots of homes, particularly newer homes, have truss systems that are limited in how much weight they support. Before hanging ANYTHING from your ceiling, a close look at the roofing system is needed. Many truss systems are made of simple 2x4s that aren't rated for anything more than keeping the roof up and attaching the ceiling. Many of these homes show signs of failure to even do that. The BEST way to make shelves is to always transfer the load to the ground. Even if you are just storing light items, the shelving material is already putting a lot of strain on the structure.

Jacob Nadas says:

Thanks Eric,
I just checked your shopping List. Thanks for the Info & keep up the good work.

Jacob Nadas says:

HI Eric, Could you please forward me the plan & measurements of timber pieces for that excellent youtube video you made about 'How to Build Garage Shelves/ The Best Way!! ? Kind regards from Jacob (Sydney, Australia)

Jacob Westman says:

I’ve been to a Wall Drug.

JJ Armadillo says:

You should have used lag bolts with washers into predrilled holes (centered of course) on those 2x4s that you mounted to the ceiling. 1/4" lags would avoid the risk of those screws pulling through the soft wood, ceiling mounted 2x4s. As another person stated, adding 45 degree supports underneath would transfer some of the load back onto the wall. Unless your roof trusses (?) were designed for weight bearing other than the roofing, snow load, and drywall ceiling, you run the risk of your roof sagging or worse yet, collapsing if those shelves get fully loaded. For those interested, consider shelf brackets mounted to a wall mount system (you also gain adjustable shelving). While you might lose some depth (12" is common) over this setup, you won't be placing any additional load onto your ceiling

MM2 0 says:

Can you come to Hawaii and build me that in my garage😊

Blu Gill says:

I can't find the shopping and cut list? I want to make these, great idea.

Bill Cargill says:

No wonder you have 56000 subscribers already

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