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Make Your Own Garage Door Screen – DIY Tutorials – Thrift Diving – Keep flying bugs out of your garage (or garage workspace) with this DIY garage door screen with a zipper! This video will show you how to make your own heavy-duty garage door screen for under $85 to keep out stink bugs, mosquitoes, bees, and other flying insects no matter what the season. This DIY garage screen door will last longer than cheapie ones you can buy online, and plus it costs much less than electric retractable garage screen doors such as the Lifestyle Screens or other expensive brands. This DIY screen for your garage perfect for the “everyday homeowner” like me that doesn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands to keep bugs out of their garage. πŸ™‚

My garage door screen installs pretty easily with Velcro brand fasteners. I decided to install it on the inside door frame of my garage, but you can just as easily install your garage screen on the outside part of your garage. It’s simply preference. πŸ™‚

Hope this helps to keep your garage free of stink bugs, flies, and mosquitos, as well as helps make your garage feel like additional living space! I use my garage as a workshop so this will definitely make things safer when using power tools, and keep the ventilation/air flow moving through the stuffy garage.


MATERIALS (I participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites).

*Fiberglass Screen –

*Velcro Brand Fastener (Outdoor Extreme 10′ x 1″) –

*Satin blanket binding –

* #10 aluminum extra-long heavy duty separating zipper with 2-handle double pull –

*Sewing machine (optional–use sticky Velcro brand fasteners in the center of the garage door screen instead of a zipper if you don’t sew).

*Scissors, measuring tape, thread

0:06 – Intro
0:14 – Embarrassing bug incident – Oh no!
0:32 – Stink bugs in Maryland
1:02 – Materials
1:41 – How we’re going to install the garage door screen
1:58 – Garage door screen 8×7 measurements
2:19 – Planning and cutting out your garage door screen
3:01 – Pinning in the zipper
4:08 – Sewing in the zipper
4:49 – Attaching the satin blanket bias on the bottom.
5:19 – Attaching the Velcro brand tape to the edges (sewing optional)
5:36 – Zipper inspection
5:57 – Trimming the extra long heavy-duty zipper
6:21 – Adding the Velcro brand hook tape to the garage
6:29 – Installing the garage door screen. Took only 45 seconds!
7:24 – Opening the garage door screen double-sided zipper.
7:49 – Taking down the garage screen – Took only 16 seconds!
8:07 – Folding and storing the garage screen
8:33 – Moving things in and out of the garage.
9:13 – See the BEFORE and AFTER
9:30 – The HAPPY DANCE πŸ˜‰

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Laura Youngblood says:

How can anyone not like your videos..I am educated now.

Shelly Larue says:

I love it and Im so grateful you shared!!

Bonnie Chavez says:

thank you I much rather try this than buy a cheap one can you close your garage door wtih that on ? thank you

DonPMuzick says:

Could you make me one if I get the measurements of my garage?

Marvin Sanders says:

What kind of needles and thread did you use? GREAT JOB BY THE WAY!!!!!!!

Doreen Watson-read says:

I'm interested to know how your sewing machine needle behaved with the glue on the velcro.

Shez Maree says:

Love it!!!. Your sewing machine looks quite powerful. VRrOOM. What sort of sewing needle would you suggest to take on this bad boy??? I'm in Melbourne, Australia and the humidity is a bummer with me painting in my garage so to let air (BUT no critters) in my garage would be the best!!! TIA, Shez

The Bra Doctor says:

I love this! I have a carport that I am going to convert to my workshop! Have been rolling ideas in my head on putting on sides! I love working outdoors. Bug be gone!! This will solve the problem! Thanks!!! Love your videos!!

Milena V says:

So awesome! looks great. and I know how it feels when you get so excited when something just comes out as planned. and especially when you do it all yourself. it's the best. ! πŸ€“

Joy Walsh says:

Omg!! A zipper!! Ive got a bug screen for my back door but i hat the sticky magnets it came with so never installed it and spent this summer chasing out blue bottles and getting eaten by mozzies!! Im going to get one for next summer but ill probably glue gun it in! Brilliant!!!

rubymimosa says:

I’m so excited to have found you! I’ve been wanting to do this on our overlarge sliding glass door but with those super powerful little magnets instead of a zipper. We have 6 dogs (we’re in CA) so sliding screens on that door pop out constantly. I’m so inspired now to just do it! Thank you!

Making And Fixing says:

OMG I was trying to figure out how to put up a screen on my window that wasn't permanent, and you just showed me how to do it. Thanks so much.

Miss Elmyra says:

Love it!!Thanks!πŸ˜€

Miss Gaile says:

You are so excited and I would be also. Great idea.

Synolve Beautiful Gems says:

Mosquitoes are the worst! This DIY is probably my FAV!!! So needed & useful!! Really you come up with the best πŸ’‘ideas!!!

Thor Nieves says:

Hey Serena just wanna say love your videos Not only are you talented but you're also gorgeous keep up the good work God-bless you

Lori Jay says:

This looks amazing!!! Fantastic idea!!

catgirldo says:

Great project. I'm in Michigan and the stink bugs frighten me more than spiders. They're nasty little buggers (hahaha) and the only way to get rid of them is to move to the North Pole. I tried the mixture of dish soap and water (spray bottle & half of each) and it knocks them to the ground and then you spray them a few more times and they drown. I think the weight of the soap is what keeps them from flying. Then you can pick them up with a paper towel or go have a cup of coffee and ignore it for awhile. Tell hubby that we're all about your singing and dancing with joy.

Sherry Cunningham says:

Great job! What's the cost?

Evelyn J. Amponsah says:

Well Done Serena, like WOW, love that your a professionist. I hate Bugs. Thxs for sharing.

My Name says:

Tfs!! Sooooo happy for u that the screening turned out so well! I really like it. Might have to try this project next summer. U did a very nice, professional looking job !πŸ˜€

Lore Lynn says:

Awesome Job!!!! <3

Brenda Melendez says:

Well done Serena! πŸ‘Œ

Pankaj Roy says:

Very good video

AnneP makeupandmore says:

LOL you're funny! I'm the same way I freaking hate bugs! That's why I have a screened porch. What a fabulous idea and you rocked it girl!!!!

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