Making My Maker Computer Desk ~ The DIY Standing Desk I Always Wanted!

Making My Maker Computer Desk ~ The DIY Standing Desk I Always Wanted!

Multi Display desks are common, BUT not many utilize a high definition TV to get a second display integrated with the desk. This approach multiplies the possibilities by several orders of magnitude. I hope you enjoy this quick guide on making a DIY standing desk which has turned into one of my favorite diy tech projects.

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I’ve had an idea for a custom desk like this for years. It’s pretty expensive unless you already have a TV to use with the desk. Fortunately, the new house I moved into came with a living room TV that I was able to purchase from the previous resident for $5.00. That’s right, 5 dollars. This left my old TV open for this awesome project. Enjoy and let me know if it inspires you to do something similar!

If this is your first exposure to Garage Science, this is a haven for tinkers and makers with in depth science and practical applications to make cool projects or just cool experiments. I tend to focus on 3D printing and copper plating, but I also branch out to other projects I randomly do.

A homemade desk with a display embedded under the tabletop allows the user to not only efficiently use desk space but everything from quick notes to tracing on paper to display scaled models and drawings can be done easily. It’s also a lot of fun to do Autodesk Fusion 360(or any CAD for that matter) on an embedded TV desk. Now I just need to get a CAD mouse. This whole project was very affordable and significantly cheaper than trying to buy a desk this big and modifying it to embed the TV.

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(x4) 72 inches (left to right frame)
(x4) 33.5 inches (front to back frame)
(x6) 30.5 inches (front to back cross members)
(x2) 43.5 inches (left to right TV cavity cross members)
(x4) 42 inches (legs)

3/8” OSB:

1/2” Birch Plywood:


TV Manual:

I also got motivated to build this desk after watching the video titled “Ultimate DIY Desk PC – DRILLING SO MANY HOLES” by Linus Tech Tips ( hopefully my video motivates you to build a desk of your own as well.



Garage Science says:

This is Dave, Dave watches a Youtube video without providing feedback in the comments. Dave doesn't do Youtube right. Don't be like Dave!

Alexandre da Cunha says:

I am not big fan of the looks of the final result, but the concept is quite cool… interesting idea.

andr27 says:

hmmmm still dont get it why the hell he put tv set into desk countertop, this shit is unconfortable, unhandy, fragile, I would say useless. To much effor to gain sth… weird

David Lacziko says:

Cool idea! Looks crappy though.

Eigo Männik says:

Shelf underneath the table top ? How can you even be comfortable over there doing anything ? And felt pads- looks cheap . TV- great idea by the way !

James Herrero says:

felt pads though 🙁

CorbyCave says:

Overall it is a great build, you did a really good job. As far as asthetics, I think I would have put some kind of dark border on the underside of the glass around the edges just to hide the felt pads. I would also have rotated the whole setup 180° so that the pc tower was on the right, but I am just picky that way. As far as screen interaction with the tv, there are wired light pens you can get that plug into usb and work on any monitor, or you can get a touch border that you install directly on top of the glass that provides touch function on any monitor/tv.

Terri Gelbaum says:

You're a man after my own heart.

DoObs says:

Good luck on that posture…and the chiropractor bills. Not at all Ergonomic.

Eric Frye says:

Definitely need a wireless keyboard and mouse.

club dore says:

Kowalski this is great! You are a genius 🐧

sptrader says:

Great build- the ONLY thing that I would have done differently is, I would have used a dark polyurethane stain on the wood to protect it and give it a more finished look. Great job.

CheckTechNow says:

excellent work!!

TWB Akash says:

Oooh it is great but it will be awesome if you had added a touch screen.

Wei Han Teo says:

How do you draw on the "table's monitor"?

Sean Warren says:

Showing up in everyone feed over a year later, great video!

Cool Chris says:

Cool idea but really bad execution. Watching or doing anything with you head constantly looking down is bad for body posture and asking for trouble.

Jean Jacques Avril says:

Where do you put your legs?

Mohammad Kaiyum says:

you should add dust filter under fan

Nick R says:

why would you want a screen flat like that anyway, you just wasted a perfectly good tv. looking down on a flat table screen is horrible my friend made one its 95% useless for anything other than gimmicks

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