My Top Ten Workshop Projects

My Top Ten Workshop Projects

10 – Sanding Table:
9 – Router Bit Cabinet:
8 – Drill Press Cabinet:
7 – Belt Sander Platform:
6 – Tool Board:
5A – Disk Sander:
5B – Sanding Station:
4 – Band Saw:
3 – Workbench:
2 – Miter Saw Station:
1 – Table Saw:



Tim Bo says:

Your shop is a woodworker's paradise!

Ajay Nair says:

WOW!! Really the best. Can you try something similar to this ( next time and post a video plz.

Carlos Alberto says:

Que capricho em,tudo organizado muito bom parabens.

cliff ohandley says:

Hi John; I am anew subscriber. Just watched your to ten workshop projects. You say you refurbished your table saw. My guestion is where can I purchase a replacement rip fence for my old Delta saw. Enjoying all your videos

Jaronian Vlogs says:



Opul3nce says:

why mitre saw if you have table saw?

Ben Bob says:

Can you make som wooden ninja star

Les Portes du Temps says:

Hi John !
You look to be so organized !!!
That's not not really my case, but I really wanna have a shop so well organized such yours !!
Best wishes for 2017 , my friend !

raufe irino da silva says:

Oi john meu nome é Raufe sou Brasileiro e estive ai nos Estados Unidos por um tempo e esse tempo que passei por ai, aprendi um pouco da arte da madeira, mas muito pouco mesmo, mas foi o suficiente para mim começar a amar esse tipo de arte, entao eu trouxe para o Brasil algumas maquinas e comecei a produzir algumas coisas simples, eu era carpinteiro ai e aqui sou carpinteiro e marceneiro, e sempre tiro algumas ideias de alguns tutoriais e vi as suas e achei muito interessante, achei seu trabalho perfeito, ideias maravilhosas muito obrigado por existir !!!!!

Josh Denny says:

It's fun to watch these old vids and see what is and isn't around anymore.

Gregorio VII says:


Johan Olivier says:

please do a shop tour again…I love the shop tours …

Planted Tank Empire says:

Building a shop myself , love how you've done yours .

I need a band saw so will be looking at your vid for the build. Thanks

charredskeleton says:

I am a big fan of your work. wonderful useful shop fixtures!

dmmflys says:

thanks for all the cool projects so far keep them coming love to watch your channel

Benedito Alves da Silva says:

gostaria de ter uma desta ; otima

Mr Who says:

Wish I had that much space to work with! Nice workshop

Øyvind Lunden says:

Very inspiring!. My shop is 7 square meters only. I have to scale down your solutions. Thanks for good ideas!. Keep on 🙂

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