School Project – Hydraulic/pneumatic garage door opener

School Project – Hydraulic/pneumatic garage door opener

This was a cool design we came up to demonstrate pneumatic or hydraulic action with the brief being to design a garage door mechanism.
We decided to depart from the typical top lifting or roller type door.



Joey Posthumus says:

Brian you legend, what you doing here.. Thanks for the help 🙂

precious d says:

But u didn't show how to make this thing

Shikshan Hindi says:

Where did you buy the tube and syringe from?

Jazz Moussa says:

how did you make the doors close? like pushing the tube back in?

Joy DVS says:

I'll try this one☺️

lerato. shaun says:

We have a project of the jaws of life this is what I'm gonna do

Yoonus Marikkar says:

You should show is what to do and how to make it this was a waste of time

Jovann van Rooyen says:

What are all the components to make this project work

Aryan Khan says:

wht are the materials required

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