Subaru Impreza BATTLEWAGON Ep. 1: The Best DIY Lift Ever!

Subaru Impreza BATTLEWAGON Ep. 1: The Best DIY Lift Ever!

In this video, I show you how to lift a First-Generation Subaru Impreza with OEM parts for cheap! Stay tuned for more Battle Wagon content. Make sure to subscribe!

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Kenji Kimura says:

Dude! I am so impressed with the quality of your videos! They get better every time. I really liked how you showed the whole process of replacing the struts. Can't wait to see it with the new wheels!

Chef says:

My buddy's got 2 lifted subarus hes got a lofted outback and a lifted 2.5 rs lifted subies are always the way,and I have a svx so I feel left out being so low.

Maverick224 says:

Looking at doing this to my 2.0l S same body, don’t want more than a 2.0 /2.5 lift as don’t want the CV angle to be under stress in off road, issue with sanding and shock stroke on full compression, would have been sweet to get a look at that CV angle before and afterwards,but because it’s Suby for Suby mid change guessing it stays that same, which is about right for anything under 3.0” lift right?, agree with others really well don’t vid mate, cheers 🤙

Just a tip for growing your channel and attracting sponsors, link where ya get your parts from to help us guys and girls out, just saves allot of guess work and helps if comparing, cheers again.🤟

Joe Robertson says:

125.00 bucks….killing me!!!

Tinker says:

Awesome 😀 Well done man, lift all the Subaru's!

directordc says:

whens the next vid for this 🙂 im doing the same but with the station wagon but going to try get it 18 inches off ground

PaycoTsunami says:

Glad this found its way to my recommended feed! Love seeing more battlewagons on this website <3

Parker Hayes says:

Hey bro! Thanks so much for the rad video!! I have the exact same impreza (mine is an 01) so it was fun to watch. Like it was my own car! I had a question: lots of people are saying you need trailing arms or at least TA-spacers to make it fit… It doesn't seem like you did? Did you need to extend anything to make it work?


Nice reviews

Sheep Dreams says:

Youre a great mechanic my dude

Spudonaut Robert says:

Subscribed man. Great video production and you show everything which is great. Was intrigued the entire time, can't wait to see more for the battle wagon.

garytanaka says:

You created your own Crosstrek. Nice!

Alex Youngpeter says:

Stoked to see wheels on this. The current leave a lot to be desired lol, what color and spoke are you thinking?

Odddit says:


SpaceDoge says:

Looks great! Where did you find those Forester struts?

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