The Farmhouse Pipe Shelves – DIY Project (includes hanging)

The Farmhouse Pipe Shelves – DIY Project (includes hanging)

-Miter Saw:
-Drill and Impact Driver:
-Tile Drill Bit:

-Galvanized Piping:
-10″ pipes:
-12″ pipes:
-floor flanges:
-pipe tees:
-pipe elbows:
-Trim Head Screws:
-Construction Screws:
-Wood Filler:
-Sanding Blocks:
-Wood Conditioner:
-Anchors: (need two packs)
(partial list, remaining items can be found at hardware stores)



tommysobo123 says:

Is there a reason that a 3rd shelf was not added to the top?

Henry rohenwiri says:

Porque maltratan la madera?????

Kalesnik Ka says:

Awesome!. Please make a low bookcase <3

Tyrone Ward says:

The same song for 11 minutes straight. No thanks!

Vlad Polumiskov says:

You guys are awesome))) please upload more videos)) it is a please watching you two

Mylynn J says:

Love your comprehensive videos, and the simple style in which it's shot. I have lots of DIY ideas that seem more achievable and confidence building, because of your videos. Thanks for Sharing!

halley0413 says:

It's a nice build in the steam punk style. You're many attempt at humor though is very distracting and a bit annoying.

lisa mcelrath says:

Awesome job, the shelving is beautiful!

kiera davis says:

lol love the don't care attitude

kleine Baumfee says:

nice 👍 maybe colored the silver things black ( they save the shelves )?

anthony gregory says:

Coat rack next?

1jw2 says:

Still missing the taco, no more trout

xander witt says:

Electric 😱 best know where that goes behind the wall. And above a stoof?…🤔 Like the project idea.

Wood And Screw says:

Metal pipes make some cool projects. I'm going to use them in a project soon hopefully!

rehorst180 says:

Isn't galvanized piping usually sliver in color? Great project

jiq5fd says:

When you're using your level in the vertical position and making a straight line it is referred to as "plumb" not "level"…. but perhaps that's more relevant to your subs………

mike smith says:

I love how you wear hearing and eye protection but yet you don't wear shoes or boots !! And your cutting on the floor !!

coldundertow says:

Any chance you can let us know the total cost for each project?

sanzio prais says:

Gold! !! from Brasil

Moses Ram says:

Love all the ideas you have put into your videos 😊👌👍👍👍

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