The LZ Garage Project: Lighting Video 2

The LZ Garage Project:  Lighting Video 2

The LZ Garage Project has begun! Step one: Lighting. We used my favorite Verilux Bulbs, and I found some new fixtures from Howard Lighting. We also added a Werner attic ladder to ensure that stuff won’t pile up on the floor in the future.

Make sure to check out and subscribe to Adam’s Channel to get the summary of the project. You’ll get all the detail here and then the wrap-up on LZ channel.

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Verilux Bulbs:

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Nolan Gaudreau says:

21:59 LOL

Vitor Oliveira says:

On my Garage i have half of the lights in a switch, and the other half connected to a "switch" on the gate, so everytime you arrive home, the lights turn on as soon as the gate opens.

Christopher Kearns-Neale says:

just a thought. is it possible to recess the fixtures in the ceiling so it sits flush with the ceiling or would that disrupt the light dispersion?

Seb V says:

True, its annoying when people do these things like asking for things hurrying things and whatnot. I agree. On the plus side, you make great videos, thank you.

Thrifty Garage says:

Can't wait for the Swisstrax install. I want to do it to my garage so bad!

Liu Mejias says:

Keep up the good work and videos on this project!

arcticmods says:

Why not LED fixtures? That is a lot of low lumen tubes going on 😛

Russell Lee says:

I may have to stop watching your videos. I just ordered lights and Verilux bulbs. You're costing me lots of money.

Reel Time Fishin' says:

What are those things coming out of the wall at the area where the wall and ceiling meet?

Chris Hudock says:

The interactions between you and Adam are hilarious in this one. Love it!

Mike Figueira says:

Electric water heater…well that's no bueno!! I am with you change it out for sure. 75 gal gas or a tankless unit. Does he have natural gas nearby? It's looking good btw. It'll all come together and look fantastic. I am waiting to hear him start calling you pops lol

Lorty says:

The father son interaction is great

Teun says:

please get simular colored lights for the door motors!

Mat Davey says:

Can't wait to see the rest of this process. I know you're going to kill it with this garage!

DirtyD says:

Matt, I would suggest building an enclosure around the HWH. Put a vent plate on the side of it, then you can use the top as additional storage space, either to stack tires, or even mount a larger air compressor setup/tank for Adam.

Rob S says:

14.65 LOL What does that even mean. Adam really shows his age in these videos.

Timboslice says:

Wonder if those T-8 have a break in period, our Sylvania rep for the winery was telling me that with fresh bulbs you should leave them on for a couple of hours when new.

Timboslice says:

on demand water heater is the way to go, my parents have one now..

Marcos Fernandez says:

Nice job Matt, I like the lighting and i'm thinking of installing them in my garage. A quick pointer when trying to find studs in a garage without a stud finder. You can use the garage door opener motor as a reference point, the bracket above the motors have bolts going into the studs. 🙂

That guy Venoms says:

So funny watching this it's such a father son dynamic. I've done a lot different work helping my dad and it's exactly the same story me asking random questions about stuff I see and him explaining everything

Dan Rasay says:

Hey Matt – How do those new Howard Lighting fixtures compare to the Lithonia ones that you used previously. I bought the last two Lithonias in-stock at the nearest Home Depot last week but haven't installed them yet… wondering if I should switch to the Howard Lighting ones before I source the remaining Lithonia ones if they're better.

Tommy Jackson says:

This was hilarious! Cant wait till the garage is all done

MotionAutoTv says:

You explaining why Obsessed Garage has a place in the world makes perfect sense, and thats why I love the internet!
Everyone can now save 15 years of searching for that perfect bulb but no one will truly appreciate it as much as you lol

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