The Obsessed Garage Project: E1 – Initial Ideas

The Obsessed Garage Project: E1 – Initial Ideas




PURE Function says:

What is your name of the garage journal forum? I want to look up your progression and pictures. I used to have it and can't find it now.

Juddson Reed says:

Will you sell the current Saber setup? If so I'd like to be in touch.

Trix DC says:

when you start your home theater will you be making progress videos? That would be cool

Ling Jin Li says:

Where is the 'garage' located when looking at the front of the house?

D Brack says:

Why don't you polish taillights? I know you said why in a video but i can't find it anymore.


Francisco La Torre says:

Where are you? No new uploads? Hope everything is ok

Danish Mirza says:

Google sketchup is your friend for drawing out in 3d what you want the garage to look like. Think ms paint, in 3d! Plans look great too matt

Kyle Mortensen says:

I think this will need a lift in the center garage!

PTYKiller says:

Matt, about the windows. If what you want is natural light. I suggest Sky Light windows through the Roof.

Also an M3 Owner. Funny thing is we have very similar stories of life and cars.

Harry Carter says:

Love your great ideas, your simplicity and approach to these things me me really enjoy watching your content. Love the M3 too…!

Caleb Clinton says:

I love your ideas and your simplistic clean approach. You have convinced me on the Saber cabinets and I really like the look of the swisstrax flooring. I was going to use your current garage as a guide to my new 24×32 garage, but at over $4k, I don't know if I can pull the trigger for the swisstrax. The Saber cabinets are expensive but I can justify the cost due to their functionality. the floor would mainly be for looks. I was curious about your flooring decision for the new garage and was blown away that you were sticking with the swisstrax. Knowing all about your epoxy fail at your current house, have you even considered another option? Do you have any advice for a fellow detailer/garage enthusiast?

PeewDiePiie says:

Matt i am forced to rewatch this video….UPLOAD A NEW VIDEO. I DONT CARE IF YOU JUST RECORD THE PORSCHE

Florent De Marsilly says:

Excellent ideas

Alan McCluskey says:

Hi Matt, you should take a look at Sketch up with regards to designing the garage, its a basic 3D modelling software that is free and from Google, it will help you get a much better idea of things.

Real Shooter says:

Its awesome to have something to plan and look forward to like this. I am guessing the costs for the structural changes, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and basically just getting the building the way you want is going to eat most of $75K before you ever put anything in it. Something you may consider is to use your network to find a contractor you can trust to give you some idea of whats possible with the existing structure and ballpark costs for what you want to turn it into. I'm sure you will find a way to get what you want in the long run. Good luck with your project.

Josh H says:

you getting the new rupes? can't wait for the extra power

patrick mcfarland says:

Your honestly my idol

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