The Obsessed Garage Project: E2 – I Caught the Vision!

The Obsessed Garage Project: E2 – I Caught the Vision!




Andrew Campbell says:

140th like!

Zach Miller says:

Still plan on building this?

Seth Wright says:

You sure are gonna have a beautiful home/property as if you don't already!

Shane MacDonald says:

when will you start this project

Shane MacDonald says:

What software so cool

david meyer says:

Rinho Hide the counter tops, easy clean up,very durable ,come in many colors… don't know if its a "clean "enough look for you,,but just a thought…

Sheng Chai says:

Quite inspiring as I am going through the same thing. Just so many ideas out there and sourcing options.

Clicknd says:

Look into a solid color quartz counter top. They can be virtually indestructible non-porous and are very clean looking.

jms493 says:

Looking forward to this project. You inspired me to upgrade my garage this summer.

US Citizen says:

looking forward to see the real thing. I subscribed to your channel. Greats from the Netherlands.

Luis Gonzalez says:

what software are you using? No luck finding anything nearly as useful as what you have there…



Luis Resto says:

Matt big fan of the project, I'm an Apple fan also got all their products. I'm assuming the computer in the garage is not going to be running any crazy "work" programs, you should try the mac mini and display that on your 78" tv. I just bought me one just to try them it works awesome mine is display on a 60' Samsung I think is amazing and I would complement it with an Ipad Pro that you could have mobile when working with products.

Just a thought again big fan, definitely a bathroom in the garage.

Jim Tatum says:

Nice Home Designer work, Matt! 5.1 … no Atmos! haha

mathew c says:

Would you ever consider opening up your own detail shop?

Angel Z. Lopez says:

Just some points to consider. adding outside air for the garage when all doors are closed. and a vent probably 1200cfm blower. So you get the vent that kicks in every so often and you get the O/A that will provide a comfortable working area. And for the ceiling 5/8 fire retardant drywall in case anything goes up in flames to have a 30min protection for attic space.

Roger S says:

Very nice Matt. Can't wait to see the final product.

George Chapin says:

Matt, coming along great. Get what you want, you'll probably only do this once. Definitely need a small bathroom there somewhere, you'll have an immediate need sometime, cut finger, etc. Neighbors, family, kids don't need to see a bunch of guys over for a garage fest outside doing their business. Anyway, at this scale, that's what I'd do. Keep up the ideas !!

Z1XO says:

Probably the best plan for a garage (for a detailer), great work matt just go on like that !

greetings from germany 😉

mmenil1 says:

It looks good. how come you dont place those car lifts that can hold one car up and a second car right underneath. almost ever garage has that and it looks amazing. On a side note. I am currently trying to buy 2 pieces of land in southern wisconsin. One land will have a full first floor garage and the second and third to be the living areas. The second piece of land has access to an airstrip so I'll be building an aircraft hangar to store planes and cars. The airstrip will be my retirement home.

Ryan says:

This is insane! It's more of a Detailing House than Garage! All that storage man what you gonna put in them lol! It's going to be incredible love it!

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