Building an Olympic Lifting Platform and Garage Gym Tour

Building an Olympic Lifting Platform and Garage Gym Tour

Quick video showing the build of my olympic weightlifting platform. It was 5 pieces of 8 foot by 4 foot plywood and rubber horse stall mats for the sides. The top is coated with wood stain and polyurethane.

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OJSeph says:

I was looking at your half rack. Is that 20 inch arms? Do you find them long enough, do you use a different barbell to avoid the knurling damage?

grindTIME1985 says:

love the street fighter music

Kyle Neese says:

God that thing must weigh a lot! I made a 8×6, used cheaper plywood for bottom two layers, broke into three parts (2 rubber portions and center)….and each piece is still heavy as hell

Mark aachen says:

How do like your ram bar? How much weight can you put on it before it starts to bend? Thanks

wander says:

sick setup. I want my own garage gym one day.

Евгений Н says:

Hey Hadyn!! How many hours a day do you do and how often? What you do is cool!! You guys are great!

NjectRevenge says:

One of the best garages out there I guess 😉

BadatchH says:

Looking great dude! Hyperbolic time chamber next upgrade?

Adrian Z says:

I appreciate your videos a lot. But hadyn, since you are a wiseman I think it would be awesome if you could finally do a stretching video for tricking ^.^ I get the concept but lack the flexibility and I really trust you with the advice which will give me faith to stick to a stretching routine you know 🙂

sambol says:

Another first-class project completed. Congratulation!. But, as I watch the garage gym videos, I continue to wonder if your car is parked outside in the often rainy English weather.

Oskuiq says:

Is your spotify playlist public?

Søren Rahbek says:

That looked surprisingly easy to build, nice job man! 🙂

João Victor Rocha da Silva says:

You're so beautiful!

Lord Ensker says:

did you screw the bottom playwood plates to the ground or together?
If not screwed/glued to anything, does the platfrom jump a bit?

Apex of Exertion says:

I left pornhub for this and i am proud of my decision

xXMorrorXx says:

Nice socks : )

imnotgaybut20is20 says:

Can u upload ur spotify playlist


Looks sick nice garage gym too

Clarence0 says:

Fuuuuck, looks awesome man

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