Extreme Makeover: Budget Home Gym Edition

Extreme Makeover: Budget Home Gym Edition

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My friends Matt and Emily wanted a garage gym, but they didn’t know what to get. This is what I suggested and helped them acquire in order to make the ultimate budget home gym. This is Extreme Makeover: Garage Gym Edition!


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Luke J says:

"Budget gym" and "treadmill" don't go together lol. I built a home gym for $2,000- boxing bag, powerblocks, adjustable bench, power rack, deadlifting platform, olympic/trap/EZ bars, gymnastic rings, and a handful of accessories. I feel like my setup is on the high end of what could be considered "budget", if I want cardio I'll hit the bag or go outside. Any cardio machines I see as a luxury and exceed what can be reasonably called budget

agiuggio1 says:

1k+ plus for a treadmill, no-name barbell.

Andrejs Berkis says:

Iron master 👍is the best choice

Mateo Solano says:

6:49 that squat form is horrendous

90sKindaGuy says:

I got that same NordicTrack treadmill for free from this rich lady. Now that's budget😂

90sKindaGuy says:

Small loan of a million dollars budget.

Michael Minniear says:

12mph?! Is this gym for Sonic?! Jesus!

Andrew Wolford says:

This guy is a joke, like watching a DIY home improvement show with actors as the builders.

HitlerActually says:

"This used rack only cost him $900." You could have got an expensive ass squat stand from Rogue for half that amount and it would still do all the things you can do with that full rack.

joker says:

6:47 Bro you revolutionised the squats. The fuck is that form

Jamin Godwin says:

Coop, what shorts are those?

Cory Gargus says:

He overpaid on that rack it's online for $300 with no attachments you can buy all the attachments with the rack probably for six or seven hundred brand new

Duarte Berna says:

I dont have space

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