Garage Gym Part 1: Art of Manliness / Matt Reynolds Weight Lifting Platform

Garage Gym Part 1: Art of Manliness  / Matt Reynolds Weight Lifting Platform

Article for the platform:



Texan on the Rocks says:

One inch and a quarter.. aka 1” 1/4

Martin Strength says:

Nice platform, I just made mine too. I wish my garage had a tall ceiling like that.

Art Good says:

Did you have to do anything to counter the slope in the floor?

Weak Endz Barbell Club says:

Platform looks legit 👍🏽 plenty of space to make deadlift GAINZ!

Justone says:

i like that ct fletcher reference homie lol

T. Aldinger says:

Did you find any issues with the slope of the garage floor at a ever so slight decline and throwing your balance off on heavy lifts?

jfalken86 says:

It looks great, man. Definitely going to try this as a weekend project.

JoshL says:

Tactical Timmy's would use red chalk dust

Garrett Matson says:

best outrow. this was a fun video to watch. Awesome job getting it put all together, you should get a great deal out of your new lifting platform. keep up the great work.

Map Led says:

Do yourself a favor and wear shoes when you're doing that type of work.

Yettee0201 says:

comeon now we all know that we are here for Mrs. FG, otherwise we are just watching some dude screw wood together. So yeah she does make that youtube money

Ax Greenious says:

You deserve a beer after that!

Ax Greenious says:

Wear some shoes, caveman:-)

Ron Coleman says:

Oh for crying out loud will you put some shoes on …………….. you can not lift with injured feet   At least Mrs. FG is smart enough to wear shoes     Sorry the Safety Guy just came out

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