Home Gym Storage Ideas!

Home Gym Storage Ideas!


➡ Titan Fitness Mass Storage: http://bit.ly/2zGD0Ad
➡ Gladiator Rack: http://amzn.to/2hBqKtM
➡ Wall Control Metal Pegboards: http://amzn.to/2hBHPnd
➡ Titan Floor Bar Holder: http://bit.ly/2zFqfWo
➡ Titan Gun Rack: http://bit.ly/2xGWxfb

There are a lot of options for storage racks for your home gym. Here are the ones I use.


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fnkdrmr86 says:

You do a pull-up through the ceiling bro?

F Zee says:

Weres the tren

skreen647 says:

What did you use in the gladiator rack to set your dumbells on? I have the same rack and each level of mine has a wire grid. I'd love to use it for my dumbells/kb.

Grim Magnus says:

Any recommendations for dividers for the Titan storage system?

bimal stinson says:

Why is there a hole on your ceiling.

Benjamin Cohen says:

great channel! thks

Brian Sigman says:

Hey Coop what do you think of the Xebex 2.0 rower ??

Jim Krajick says:

is there a cheap and feesible option as an alternative to prowlers that can be done indoors, like in a garage gym? a special piece of equipment maybe?

Daryle Mosby says:

Not just a place I go…. but my 9 year old comes down to Dance when I am working out….she even does curls and situps and pushups. My biggest issue with my gym is Organization…since it is shared with the cars/lawn epuipment and doubles as storage I sometimes need to setup and break down daily. Can't wait to get an outdoor storage/work shed and move all the lawn care junk and storage containers out to it.. then I can really get my garage gym setup how I want it. Like this videos

devin3863 says:

Great ideas in this video thanks coop

Sboarder1964 says:

Yo Coop! When did you get the York DBs? Was it part of the 50 cents/lb close-out "paint defect" sale? Also, when was the last time you whipped out the rolling thunder? You crushin' 150 yet?

Jake Hartman says:

What size gladiator rack is that? Picked up a set of prostyle dumbbells and I'll be looking for a way to store them without taking up a ton of space.

Area 25 says:

Love this one – Is that some sort of ceiling anchor… track?

Brendan Sutherland says:

This is exactly what ive been wondering about for my home gym

Brandon Turner says:

Any reco's for PL disc storage? Wonder if bumper plate dish racks would work for them…

maroirr says:

Dude theirs a hole in your ceiling

Wesley Williams says:

I bought the Titan bar rack and they sent the wrong bolts with it. I contacted them and they sent me a second bar rack for free, but with the wrong bolts again

SB SB says:

awesome gym.I have too much equipment in a tiny room in my apartment.All ex gym commercial stuff.All I need now is bigger room or garage.

Paul Alvarado says:

Great solutions Coop! Loving these ideas and all of the versatility they provide 👍👍👍

tachee77910 says:

Lol hand stand or anything else 🤣

Matt Palmer says:

What's that hanging above the basketball hoop?

Feed the Need says:

Which rogue rack is better? The monster lite with the west side hole spaceing , or the monster rack 2.0 with the wider spaceing holes and plus it’s laser cut numbered. I bought this monster rack and now I’m not sure if I was ripped off, because all the accessories are hundreds of dollars more.

Kyle Hennington says:

I bought the Titan barbell rack and it's excellent for the price. Unlike the Rogue version in which you have to pay extra for the plastic inserts, the Titan version comes with it.

Joseph Williams -JAWs Fitness says:

"Make your gym somewhere that you want to go." I couldn't agree more man! I've catered mine to be a place that even when I'm not training, I'll often take my laptop to and edit videos or do homework. It's not just my gym, it's my freaking office! Keep it up Coop!

Joshua Chhakchhuak says:

why thank you

Ivan Dujić says:

I just picked up battle ropes for my home gym! Awesome video !

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