The WHY Project Episode 1: Cody Martin’s Garage Gym Motivation

The  WHY Project Episode 1: Cody Martin’s Garage Gym Motivation

Garage gym owner, Cody Martin, has a 630 pound squat, a 405lb bench press and a 635lb deadlift at a 230lbs body weight. He also has no desire to compete. So what is his motivation? What drives him to go down to his garage gym week after week; to spend countless hours on the Internet looking for used gym equipment or sharing his knowledge. What drove him to start the Exodus Strength forum along with posting regularly on
In this episode of The WHY Project, Cody breaks down his goals, his athletic background and what drives him to continue lifting despite injuries to both knees.

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Lifting After Dark says:

AMEN Cody! 8:38 I didn't get boys either and yes I life so the little boys that will come will be very afraid!

Myles Shupe says:

He's right, the comradery was cool at a commercial gym. But shoot, with as big as the garage gym movement is getting, there's so much comradery and support on every social platform. Great video John!

Uncle Boo Pankey says:

i love the fact that this man has these great numbers, from his basement with a gym of his own design and alone unless his babies are there. and that is the best part of having a home gym

William Downes-Hall says:

Another awesome video from your great channel, John. I follow Cody on Instagram so it’s great to have a small insight into what makes him tick. Looking forward to the next instalment!

Mr.clark_sr says:

Great video bro! Really enjoyed it. Cody is the man! I agree its nice not having to wait for a squat rack. Plus you can curl in it lol

Pumping Kairon says:

Great Video! Motivating!

Yolanda Presswood says:

Great video! Thank you for putting this out. The part about competing is a great tid bit to chew on. I better get to stalking Craig’s list on the daily cause mama needs a leg press!

G says:

This is an unbelievable start up to this video. I'm never competing in the crossfit games. I'm never stepping on a podium at regionals in crossfit. But I can find within myself to be better than I was. wow. This was a perfect example of how everyone can learn "not quitting" is so much more important than just a workout. Not quitting is about sustaining greatnes in your own life.

Frank DiMeo says:

I am a firm believer in home and garage gyms. Some of the strongest people I know of train at home. This video gives some solid reasons why people should have their own home, garage, or backyard gym!

Dave Atkins says:

Unreal video mate can totally relate with what Cody had to say. Only wish I was as strong as him haha. OLD AND ROLL brother

Matt Brown says:

Great video! Saved this one to watch whenever I need a little more motivation.

Xtina Geri says:

I love this for so many reasons! Cody’s honesty with his journey – weightlifting as a vehicle for physical healing (to real ailments, strength heals weakness when training safely and properly), home gym to free up time to be with his family, understanding that a home gym is not always “cheaper” than a commercial gym, the privilege of creating your environment, the importance of saving for quality equipment while shopping for a deal (knowing what you are paying for).

I’m excited to watch more of the WHY Project Episodes. There is so much power in sharing others stories, it reminds us that we are not alone. THANK YOU for everything you do!

The Rev. Big Daddy says:

Love this video of an every day person working out at home. I feel like I can really relate to him. Awesome to watch this video.

Jeff Bankens says:

What a great video about a real-life person with a real-life family, who is able to get in an excellent training program scheduled around his obligations.

sheSTRENGTH says:

So motivating! Thanks for sharing! Love my home gym too, well worth the investment

Durable Dad says:

Love this! To me, building your own garage gym is a demonstration of a man that prioritizes his family time. Like Cody stated, it is an investment and you have to be smart about it but you save so much time so you can be with your family more. That is my biggest why of training at home. Good word, Cody.

Marisol Michelle says:

I loved this so much!! Excited to see the rest of the series.

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