Basic DIY home security

Basic DIY home security

Search Google using –nylon spiked fence strips to find loads of places selling it and make your own choice troops
same using fake Tv if you wanted one.
Be safe Mack



ABD Tools says:

f you would prefer your alarm system to do something other than make a loud annoying noise, have a look at the inprover system here, Pat Pending

JCM says:

I like the lock on your garage, what kind is it? I want to put that on our gates.

Adam Smythe says:

I remember in London you used to get scraps of broken glass mortared into the top of walls. Don't see that no more. Nanny state says u gotta warn burglars they do themselves a damage, lol. Good tips tho.

Von Perry Photography says:

Nice video but you want to take a longer look at that American Lock you are using. Yes the protected shackle is nice but they are made with one major flaw. Besides just picking the lock the lock cylinder itself can be very easily bypassed. The older models can be opened in seconds. The new models have a little wafer installed to attempt to stop the bypass tool from working but people have started just punching holes threw the wafer then using the tool to open the lock. If you go to your local locksmith or on eBay you can get multiple wafers. Stacking them up makes it a lot harder to compromise the lock.

Turtle Bushcraft says:

Some great tips Mack thanks for sharing atb John

acedecss says:

keep the little fuckers out mack. the 50 cal mounted on my roof is all I need.

TheChipmunk2008 says:

When you're installing those sensor lights in a front garden, for pity's sake adjust the detector so it doesn't trigger from the road. I've been nearly blinded by those while driving.
I know YOU have Mack, but many people don't even realize they can be adjusted

Bug out vehicles UK Torn Apart self sufficiency. says:

spot on mate. i would deffo recomend LED lighting too its all we offer now as its not much more and far cheaper to run and lasts a lot longer. also worth mentioning what ppl leave on show. when i risk asses a job i look for what is on show to steal and what ppl leave out as tools to break in. its surprising how slack ppl are these days. on the average garage door i like to put more than one securing point on cos if i was to try and get in the lock is strong as hell but iv bent a door in half before now to open one with a good lock as most doors arnt that strong. great vid mate well worth doing i hope you woke a few ppl up.

Simon Smith says:

nice little tips I do like the key stashing idea, the fake tv light are good we had one a while ago and they do work. for the garage ,shed door even the back gate I use rape alarms you can get them from poundland I just fix the body out of sight and a few feet of bank line or fishing line on a hook so when opened more than a foot or so it pulls the pin and off it goes and we all know how loud they are, but if you know they are there you open a few inchs slip ya hand in and take it off the hook really cheap but bleedin loud. but do like ya tips mate nice.

manstuff tv says:

our house is very secure i have (THE WIFE) lol
your absolutely rite deterents are the best way
nicely done mate

Neanderthal Outdoors says:

Some good safety/precautionary hints and tips Mack, it's s— times we live in when people need to turn their homes into a bit of a fortress, stay safe mate, atb, Paul.

MTPpanda says:

Are the fence spikes illegal? Because in the past I have used carpet tack strips which I know are definately illegal.

Darren Roberts says:

Nice video Mack ,like the cactus spikes. Get a proper garage defender mate, i could get into your garage in about 15 secs even with that lock and minimal noise. Part of my job to get into properties quick, legally that is. Cheers Atb Darren.


great ideas and tips mack as for the keys i always have them on the bedside table when i go to bed so i know i can put my hands straight on them atb matt

robert robhog says:

good video mack , some good ideas

Highland Wanderer says:

Hi Mck, you have very good ideas,,,yr home sems to be the British Fort Knox Greetings Harry

paul cox says:

Great video all good advice as usual, hope to see some of your top camping video's soon.

Wiltshire Man says:

Great ideas Mack. 10 out of 10.

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